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Discussion in 'Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness' started by rjrivero, October 29, 2012.

  1. rjrivero


    If it wouldn't be too much trouble, would someone be willing to link me to a nice website/blog/resource to help a newbie prepper get started?

    Looking around the interweb, it just seems that there are SO MANY people touting so many different ideas of what a good preparedness plan is.

    I'm not looking to self sustain a homestead. I'm looking at getting the essentials together for a good 72hour kit, maybe a 2 week kit for starters.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. PrepperTraining


    Tske a look at: This guy has a real common sense approach and doesn't have the hype/fear mongering that a lot of sites have. I would also recommend search eithet of those gor "bob" or "bug out bag". Get s few perspectives snd put together what YOU need. It's really pretty personal and depends on things like where you expect to be travelling.

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  3. diesel


    I just have scads of ammo for my battle rifles and handguns. Have enough water and MREs to last about 2 wks. I'll play it by ear from there.
    Make sure you have a calibur thats common, you may have to rummage through others folks homes to resupply yourself. I suggest .38/.357, .22, and .223 for starters.:flag:
  4. prepping in these ways is fine and dandy but I'm already searching to purchase some land out west, some acreage-nothing like some open space so you can see the zombies/vandals/scavengers/mobs are coming from.
  5. diesel


    lol....remember to fine tune your primary weapon for long range shooting. those zombies can be a sum'bitch to bring down.:rofl::flag:
  6. daniellawecki


    And don't forget the 45ACP there every where now.
  7. OGCJason


    While I wholeheartedly support the notion of emergency preparedness, and having a stash of food, water, and yes, ammo stores for either a bug out or defense scenario, but there's a degree of sensationalism that surrounds the whole "zombie apocalypse" scenario that just is a bit hard to buy into.

    Scare tactics and fear mongering aside, I would suggest considering possible versus probable scenarios and plan/budget accordingly. Here's how I rank things in order of importance:

    1. Ammunition for self/home defense
    2. First aid/emergency kit (aspirin, antibiotics, compression bandages, antiseptic, etc)
    3. Three day supply food/water packed for mobility (BOB)
    4. Three day supply of food/water (homesteading)
    5. Seven day supply of food/water (homesteading)
    6. Ninety day supply food/water
    7. Six month supply food/water

    Depending on how paranoid you are, it may also make sense to do a little reconnaissance in your area and planning with family and loved ones. Even if others don't do your level of preparedness, if they know where to go to connect with you, that is a step in the right direction.

    The whole concept of bugging out is one that is so overblown it's sad. Great, you've got a BOB, but where the hell are you going to go? No one really talks about alternate locations, preparing them for your arrival, and planning routes and means of getting there in multiple scenarios (consider flooding, snow storms, extreme heat, traveling by vehicle, on foot, etc.). Who else is going to know about this alternate location? Under what circumstances is the alt location better than your primary?

    It also bears mentioning that even the above list is assuming several other criteria are in place such as heat, power, your own personal health (could you handle the rigors of hiking, trekking with a 75lb ruck sack?), the health of loved ones, clothing, etc.

    I know some folks that have taken it to the Nth degree where they train n defense scenarios with their pack on, have food stores shrink wrapped and buried in PVC tubes and various geocached points between various places that have been identified as bug out locations, and have literally ammo stores coming out the }%#! in each location, as well as the materials needed for reloading at each location. (Wish I had that kinda money...)
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