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  1. martian


    Hi all,
    I am currently an Arizona resident who may be relocating due to job to the Dayton area. We have some very good gun laws here and I was wondering what it is like in Ohio. I currently have my CCW and I believe that Ohio is a recipricatory state. Any feed back would be great. Do you have mag. limits or are 15 round mags. considered standard such as they are here? I would be interested in any of the laws regarding handguns (semi-autos) as well as rifles/shotguns. Hopefully be seeing you soon
  2. BuckJM53


    Martian ... First of all, Welcome from SW Ohio ... Glad to have you aboard. Secondly, in answer to your questions:

    1. Arizona license is recognized in Ohio
    2. The following link will give you an excellent overview of the Ohio requirements http://www.usacarry.com/ohio_concealed_carry_permit_information.html
    3. Additional information from the Ohio AG office can be seen HERE

    I hope it helps :)
  3. martian


    Thanks BuckJM53 I'll check those links out. Thanks for the welcome also!!!
  4. daniellawecki


    Welcome to the forum from NW Ohio. :)
  5. dust_webbs


    Welcome about hour west of Dayton
  6. MikeH121


    Welcome From Cincinnati.

    The only "MAG Limitation" is 30. 31 is considered a Machine Gun. :banghead: Currently being looked at as stupid and may change.

    You can have more than 30 in a 22LR again stupid. So you can have a 40 AK mag but can only load 30. Or a drum mag but again only 30.

    Other than that all else is okay.

    Can't deer hunt with a rifle like KY or MI, it has to be bow, shottie or black powder.

    A few stupid ones but you can open carry here, Most cops are not even aware, Cincy Police chief recently informed his officers it is legal. Unless otherwise prohibited such as bars etc.... The discharge of firearms is regulated but municipalities, someone may call 911 in a panic but unless you are brandishing or "menacing" you can't even be charged with disorderly.

    So if you have a Glock higher cap glock mag for your glock, you can't load you 31'st glock round to get your glock on. You have to be normal like the non-glock un-glockers and stick to normal cap un-glockey mags. :D
  7. diesel


    Hello, from the far eastern part of the state.
    Welcome aboard.:flag:
  8. martian


    Thanks for the welcome here everyone. Looks like the laws are fairly decent (always room for improvement though). I should know in the nest two weeks if Dayton becomes my new home. Can anyone provide any information/insight on what the Dayton area is like? Much appreciated!!!
  9. BuckJM53


    Before we can help, we probably need a little more info regarding the area(s) you are looking at.
    1. Are you looking at the city of Dayton or are you looking at the suburbs?
    2. Are you looking to purchase a home or will you be renting?
  10. Welcome to the forum and to Ohio. It is a good state for gun owners and is getting better as time goes on.
    Magazine limits is 30 rounds except .22 lr there is no limit. If you have a Glock magazine for 31 rounds legally you must have a Dangerous Ordinance permit that is issued by the Sheriff's Office for them. There is a bill passed by the Ohio House and is awaiting a vote in the Ohio Senate that will eliminate that necessity, but until it is passed it is only legal to own 30 round magazines in Ohio with out a DOP, so be careful. If in doubt speak with the Sheriff's Office to clarify this in you county. When I spoke to mine originally they didn't even know about a DOP or didn't want to let me know about it, I had to push a little but finally got what I needed.
  11. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    Welcome from NE Ohio. We have pretty good laws here but know the laws. I don't know how many conversations I have had with law enforcement and they didn't know the laws. They do now lol.
  12. "How you doin'?" from a former Dayton area resident - Fairborn to be exact. Hope you plan on residing outside of the city of Dayton, like in Beavercreek near Wright-Patterson AFB. Dayton itself is a little hard to take.

    You can, as of last hunting season, hunt deer with straight-walled cartridges in rifles, i.e., .45 Colt, .44 Magnum, .444 Marlin, .45-70, etc. and this year ODNR may allow .35 Remington and even .30-30 cal.; the idea is being tossed around.

    If you do get pulled over by Ohio LEOs or have to interact with one, first thing is to notify them you are CCW and all should be cool unless you get a LEO in a bad mood . . . but generally speaking, if you comply with letting them know, all is good.

    Enjoy your move East, partner!

  13. reaper66


    Hey @dogrtst, what part of Fair born?
    I was born and raised there.

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