Plainly annoyed major british newspaper lists obama’s top ten insults against the u.k

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  1. On Monday, the British newspaper, The Telegraph, released an updated version of President Obama’s Top Ten insults against the British government and the people of the United Kingdom.

    The complete story gives detailed explanations of each of the ten examples of the American President’s complete lack of regard for the long history of friendship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

    The Telegraph, commenting on President Obama’s many failures in the arena of tactful engagement between the U.S. and U.K., wrote these scathing words:

    “Obviously, public diplomacy is not a concept that carries much weight in the current White House, and nor apparently, is common sense.â€

    Here are some paraphrased highlights from The Telegraph’s Top Ten Obama Hit List:

  2. Who is running the asylum?

    Your Point?
    We all know he is a frickin idiot and understand that his is SOP for the administration.
    On top of that the MSM never covered most of any of this, listen to me, That action is just as understandable, they are his protectors.
    #2 PM Thatcher's funeral and #6 returning Winston Churchill bust are deliberate premeditated slams against the British people and aren't in the class of conduct that we would want from our President. :no: :no:
    Made public this should tell the general public what kind of idiot is running the asylum. :banghead:
  3. Re: Who is running the asylum?

    Obama is a buffoon, either by choice or by shear ineptitude.

    He is a huge embarassment to the United States and obvious is in way over his head.

    He needs to go back to Chicago and organize something, like a lemonade stand, assuming he can figure it out.

    AD (and take Eric with him)

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