pissed off(again)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Room' started by diesel, June 6, 2012.

  1. diesel


    Got laid-off last fri. ready to do some shooting now with some actual spare time on my hands.
    Come to find out that the rifle range on this new(very expense) club that i joined is shut down temporarily because some knuckle-head shot a home on the outskirts of the range. Whether it was someone using the range or not is unclear but it is shut down while it's being investigated. Some folks should absolutly not handle guns. They give us all a bad name.
  2. Amen!

  3. diesel


    After a 3 hr meeting last night at the club, we all had to sign release papers and recieve a new members card, and i can now use the range. Very happy about that.

    What do you think of shooting the carbine, AD? I want to fire it very badly.

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