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Discussion in 'Board Requests and/or Improvements' started by whitewolf68, August 23, 2012.

  1. Would you like to have a picture forum to post pictures of just about anything?? (EXCEPT porn of course)
  2. rjrivero


    No. The reason I say "no" is because of the fact that loading pictures on a host chews up bandwidth. It's nice to have pictures and things, but hosting them on a dedicated remote site and linking them is much faster for your server than actually hosting all the pictures on the server. Then, when you go to back up the server, it'll take that much longer to do. Just my Humble opinion.
  3. PrepperTraining


    We can post pics to the forum, can't we? I'd rather see threads like "the Bubba Mosin Nagant Build-off", or "funny picture of the day".

    Oh yeah - RJ makes a good point too. There's always sites like Picassa, Flickr and Imgur.
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  4. OK, you guys win. I thought maybe you'd want a place to post pictures about any topic. NO worries. :)
  5. Maybe I'm confused. A forum to POST pics isn't necessarily UPLOADING pics to the forum host site, is it?

    For example, if I post this picture...is it now residing on the Forum's host?


    Other than that...since there is already a Forum for posting anything...Off Topic Room...do you need another Forum for posting pictures of anything?
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  6. There are 2 ways to post pictures to the forum, upload and linking, so it is a little of both.

    And you are very right about the other forum. I thought though that perhaps the users might want a forum to post bragging right, pictures etc., something specific for that purpose. It was just a passing thought it all. Trying to make the community the best it can be. SO if you guys have any ideas for other forums from your web surfing please let me know.

    BTW I love Adam-12, I used to watch that ALL the time when I was a kid. Some of the best television there was.
  7. Hmm, I used to watch that all the time too!!

  8. Just a side note, all 174 episodes are on Netflix. :thumbs:

  9. I was introducing my kids to it. :D

    While watching, the Mrs and I were commenting on how Malloy looks A LOT like Cooper from Southland. THen Malloy/Reed and Cooper/Sherman...resemblance can't be a coincidence.

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