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  1. MikeH121


    This fits the whiners on the Left and the snowflakes so well.

    Another reason I shop Lowes and not Ho Depot besides the Ho being hacked twice. Vet had a service dog and needed a job. Lowes hired him and his dog.


    Don't come between a man ( or a Minion) and his Coffee


    Lovie a former IDF weapons trainer.


    Speaking of the IDF

    tumblr_of3hxmxtmP1ulh67ro1_1280.jpg tumblr_ogz8jaq3AJ1tsp4iso1_1280.jpg tumblr_ogz8l529jD1tsp4iso1_1280.jpg
  2. I lost my taste for Home Depot. Since I have a difficult time getting around these days, I never seem to find assistance whenever I go there. Do these clerks hide out or what!

    I seem to remember awhile ago, that Lowe's was known for their anti-gun leanings. No matter, if they hired the guy and his dog, I'll ignore their inclination for the sake of a fellow veteran.

    BTW, anyone who doesn't like dogs, shouldn't be trusted.


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