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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by ADulay, November 24, 2013.

  1. All,

    As I've been kind of looking for a revolver to shoot every now and then in our IDPA group, I came across a guy on one of the Florida forums who was looking to sell or trade his (this) gun.

    He was looking for cash or a trade for a .45, other than a 1911. Very unusual.

    So, as I had a S&W 4516 sitting on the shelf doing absolutely nothing for the last few years, I emailed him and asked if he was interested in an even trade.

    I sent him the specs and a bunch of photos and he sent me his and we both agreed that this could work.

    So, a few days later I head up to the Orlando area and in the parking lot of the Gander Mountain store, we met up, checked out both sidearms and made the deal!

    We both went into Gander to check out what they have and as this is one of the Flagship Gander Mountain stores, they had everything. Huge high tech indoor shooting range that would make any government agency green with envy. I declined the $25 introductory tour and just wandered around like a slack jawed yokel marveling at the spectacular range and equipment available!

    Anyway, I picked up a very nice Ruger GP-100 w/4" barrel. I had to wait a day to actually get to the range to shoot it because of several previous projects but when I did I was very happy with it.

    I think this will fit in nicely for my IDPA shooting and as I've just ordered up three holsters for it, at least one of them should work.

    The photo of the gun is dirty because it just came back from the range after 100 rounds.

    I even had a bullet left and took a chance at at a shot at 50 yards and hit the "A" section of the target. Even I was surprised.



    Test shots at 11 yards. First six to the body. Next six to the head. I'm ready for IDPA!!

  2. traded a nice gun for a nice gun !
    is it 327 Fed or 357M(357 I assume) ?
    what were the loads,38sp or 357m?

    They don't list an Orlando store, is it the Lake Mary store ?
  3. Oldman,

    Yes, it's the 357/38spec model. I was running 38spcl reloads that my neighbor had given me and some Federal FMJ that I had laying around.

    Also the Gander store was in Lake Mary. I just call that whole central Florida area from about Deltona to about Plant City (all on I-4) to be the generic "Orlando" area.

    I took 2nd place in the 45 division tonight so it's time to start hacking around with the revolver guys for awhile to see how I stack up!

    AD (looking for ivory inlays now, or at least something that looks like ivory!)
  4. I try to get down to Florida once a year, although I haven't been since 2010. I go down for car stuff(Daytona turkey rod run), rollercoasters(Universal Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens), and country bars(Cowboys in Orlando and RoundUp in Oldsmar. Also hit the 'flea markets'. I'll check out Bass next time.
  5. daniellawecki


    I really hate to post this but Ruger Forum .Com 41 Magnum makes really nice grips and grip panels. Sorry for the post whitewolf 68.
  6. why would you hate to post that ???
    this forum is just a small part of a larger community of firearm forums. we have to cross-forum, other forums post about us and we post about other forums.
  7. No worries I do allow cross posting and other forum information here. Anything to advance the cause. :)

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