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  1. I added the Pixlr web photo editor for use here on images that need adjustments done. I do hope this tool will come in handy for folks and make life a bit easier.

    It is quite powerful for a web app.

    Pixlr Photo Editor

    It is the very first node in the OHGO Info Desk category. ;)
  2. went to go to it and
    'error,the requested page could not be found'
  3. Thank you for alerting me to my mistake. I made some changes shortly after posting that message. I guess that's what I get for doing all of this late at night on very little sleep. :oops:
  4. diesel


    you do a great job, Wolf. i'm sure it will take some time to flesh out all the bugs.:flag:
  5. Thank you Diesel. I hope it does not take too awful long. It is a learning experience for both of us. My side is completely different on the admin level, so many things to re-learn. :confused:
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