Paracord rifle slings

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  1. Gonna try my hand at making some for my 'longarms'. Seen them at gunshows and liked their 'looks', but not very flexible(like picking up a stick).
    Tried some test braids I found on the web. Found a wide cobra braid but that turned out too wide. After getting familiar with how to do it,I tried a variation which seems proper width and flexible. They're time intensive but I'm retired after noon(work part time at a Tuffy shop till noon).


    The left is the wide cobra braid,the right is what seems to be OK. They'll be black for the ARs'.
    On the left one(not packed tightly,just a test to get familiar with braiding),5" of braid requires 18' of cord. On the right one,8" of braid requires 12' of cord.
    Have to pick up some detachable sling swivels to make them on as they're not removable once braided.
    I'll post pics once done. I got plenty of black cord,but need the detachable sling swivels and then ways to attach them to ARs'.
  2. Those are really nice. I always wanted to learn how to do that perhaps it's time I learn. I like the idea personally.
  3. Finished my first one,braiding paracord ino a 35" rifle sling is time intensive.

    This is the AR15(DPMS Oracle) I made it for.

    I modified it from it factory configuration,A2 stock in place of the collapsible stock,thread protector in place of the flash suppressor,and a 1 1/4" wide fabric sling.

    I had the fabric sling attached to the standard handguard using a A2 stock sling swivel and being it threw the sling forward,the sling didn't interfere with grabbing the handguard. The clamp on the barrel forward of the gas block is a clamp on rail,found it at a gunshow and considered it interesting.

    The original sling swivels wth their replacements. Braided slings aren't removeable from the swivel,had to use QDs'.

    With the paracord braided 35" sling.
  4. my first 4 slings


    1 & 4 are the same braid,2 & 3 are the same braid.
    1 & 4 are 3/4" wide,2 & 3 are 1 1/4" wide.

    material cost per sling is about $20,paracord & QD sling swivels.
    braiding time-4 - 5 hours.
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  5. VERY NICE! I love the second from the left. Are you selling those yet?
  6. There's a paracord braider at the gunshows,rifle slings are one of the items. After seeing and feeling his,I decided to try my hand at it. His slings,because of the tightness of the braiding,are very stiff. I wanted similar effect but more flexible. It's all in how tight each 'braid' is before going on to the next braid.
    His material costs are less than mine because of his 'bulk' purchasing and he doesn't use QDs'. He supplies the slings with the hook type swivels which are applicable to ARs'. He charges $50 a sling and I can understand why after spending 4-5 hours of braiding time to braid one.
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  7. Is there a tutorial somewhere you used to learn how to do that? I would love to try my hand at something like that as well. I always wanted to learn how to braid with para-cord.
  8. I learned off/from youtube

    How to Tie a Wide Solomon Bar by TIAT - YouTube

    google 'paracord braiding' as a start,unlimited videos 'how to' and knot making.

    paracord at gunshows runs $8-10 for a 100' bundle. The wide ones take about 90' of cord to make a 36" sling.
    next I'm gonna try that wide black/grey one in an all black one with a red interweaved 'Z' for a zombie sling.
  9. Thank you for the video. I have watched this over and over and went and bought cord today. I have to ask though your wide sling is that from 300ft of cord? In the video they are using 3 lengths.
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  10. the 3 lengths are 30' each with each length over what you're making it on 'hanging' 15' each.
  11. my computer/video bench area

    the upper is a kitchen countertop for all the stuff up top. I use the edge of it to clamp to for braiding.
  12. Key rings are excellent to practice with with short cords(6' ?).
    CONSISTENCY IS important to maintain a 'look' thoughout the braid.
    Tightness or lack of tightness IS also important.

    where were you able to get paracord and what it cost,I've only seen it available at gunshows ?
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  13. I got it at my local military surplus store for $6.95 per 100 ft.

    I have started but for some reason my head cannot wrap around the rhythm of doing it so I've made mistakes and had to go back to correct them and keep checking the instructions.
  14. I had that problem/situation too. After a while,it WILL become habit.
    I'm currently experimenting with a 5 strand braid,something narrower than the 6 strand and wider than the 4 strand.
    Also playing with the 6 strand black with a hidden 7th bright strand brought out to the surface periodically to produce a 'Z' for a zombie sling. It goes totally against all tutorials as you have to flip it over and work with the backside too. Every test improves,but we'll see !
  15. Well I finally got a rhythm down after I started over due to an issue.

    What your doing sounds really interesting with the different patterns. I am interested to see how they turn out.

    I do have a question. How do you attach the other swivel to the sling? Not that I am remotely close to that stage yet. I worked for several hours before my hands got tired.
  16. do a google search for 'ending a paracord braid'. seems like heat/melt is the most preferred method. I've tried propane lighter,not enough specific control. butane lighters seem used by a lot. my latest is a soldering gun,not a soldering tip tool, for precision.

    for the braiding 'hobby', instructions for making braids is good/extensive/many,intructions for ending a braid,not as good/extensive.

    I'll post more later in the afternoon,maybe some pics too.
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  17. 1st sling front & rear

    2nd sling front & rear

    3rd sling front & rear

    4th sling front & rear

    what I use to pull thru
  18. the knots on sling #4 were first set with epoxy before 'burning/melting' as I didn't want them to 'un-knot' during the 'burning/melting' process. Next time I will use 'superglue' instead of epoxy.
    After braiding the sling and 'looping' over whatever is your sling swivel,look over your loop-overs to make sure that's how you want it and it looks OK..You can't change them as they will be permanent.
    I would look at all the other available 'methods of ending' on the web and youtube and then make your decision how to do it. For bracelets,some use a 'pull thru and hide' and even thou visually it's the best/cleanest,it doesn't have the strenght for a sling.
  19. my first 6 slings


    the first(my first) was 'sloppy',was still learning about tightness/looseness and consistency. After that one,they came out better. The 5th one is a 4 strand with a 'hidden' 5th strand(the gray/silver),6th added some color.
    the sling swivels hooks on 5 & 6 picked up at the last show @ $2 each.
  20. Very very nice sir. I hope mine will turn out as well. :D

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