Out of these two very low budget option which one is best

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by sttroy216, August 22, 2013.

  1. sttroy216


    I have a choice to get a rohn 22 revolver for 130 or a bryco jennings 9mm for 150 both used,i know these are very low budget guns but if you needed something to tie you over besides hand and feet untill your budget increased which one would you go for?

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  2. Personally I would take the 9mm over the .22. More stopping power and just an all around great round.
  3. BuckJM53


    Troy ... I've heard more than a few times that the Rohn .22s had some issues with the cylinder/barrel alignment. While the Jennings also had some notible catistrophic failure issues along the way, if I had to choose between the two, I would likely take the Jennings 9mm. YMMV
  4. MikeH121


    Had a guy bring in a Jennings. I would not shoot one EVER. Keep the 150, save another 150 and get the SCCY 9mm for 299.00 have seen one with 6600 rnds without oil. Before fail and a trigger lever pin broke from gunk not catastophic failure.

    Or, I would take the 159 and get the Hi-Point 9mm they are accurate, they shoot the mag is the only drawback, Polish the feed ramps and bend the feed tabs a hair on the mag. Both the Hi-Point and the SCCY have a lifetime guarantee.

    The SCCY is DAO and is a CCW comes with 2 mags, and switchable floor plates.
  5. Not really a fan of either, if I were to get a budget .22 I would get a Phoenix HP22a, they run $149.00 to $179.00. Nice little shooter for a budget .22 lr. I have one and it runs anything I put through it. Jenning's scare me, I wouldn't trust them. As for a budget 9mm I would go with a Hi-Point c9, they also run about $149.00 to $179.00. I also have one if them and although they are a little heavy and not the prettiest weapon around they seem to run really well, mine does and if you do have an issue the mothership is in Mansfield, Ohio and they have a great CS. That's the only two budget guns I have and know enough about to post on. Good luck.
  6. diesel


    I would opt for the .22. The .22 has the same ballistic imprint in ballistic gel as the 9mm. The 9 may have a little more close range knock down power but the .22lr wil kill at a much farther range. Besides, the 9 is not a revolver!!LOL:flag:
  7. Is this for a SD weapon?
  8. sttroy216


    yes im a student and car-less right know and during my travels i encounter allot of riff raff so any self defense would be good for a budget right know,i try to find hi points near cleveland ohio 44103 but they are all over priced or they dont sell them what gun shop sin or near cleveland 44103 sell hi points for around 150-170 or any firearm for around that price im car less so i have to figure in a pricey round trip taxi ride as well
  9. MikeH121


    ROHN's are cheap pot metal satuday night specials from Germany in the 50's/60's they are CRAP.

    Also the Phoenix looks okay, but a guy bought one in, the long target barrel would not even fit, and it came with the gun, manual says easy fit, HEH, it had to be milled just to go on. It took me less time to make my bayonet fot the end of my Mosin. :D

    As I said above for a 9 HI-Point. Or for twice that price a nice small CCW in the SCCY.
  10. Troy,

    I see from the rest of the messages above this that you are a student with no means of personal transportation and live in Cleveland with a current budget of $150 for a sidearm.

    I'll just assume you have a concealed weapons permit or are planning on daily open carry.

    Do yourself a large favor and pass on both of them.

    If you're living on your own, throw $5 a week into a jar. If you're living at home, throw $15 a week into a jar.

    Pick up a second job for the express purpose of building an "appropriate" cash bank to purchase a civilized sidearm.

    Read a lot of local shooting bulletin boards (forums) and keep an eye out for a good deal that should start showing up later this year due to all of the people who rushed out to purchase a gun and now find that they really don't want or need it or it was too hard to shoot.

    The bottom line (if it was me) is to wait for a proper sidearm, even an older 5 shot revolver (S&W, Colt, etc) and use that until you come up with the money for another sidearm.

    Don't waste your money by rushing into buying the first thing offered.

    If this is truly for "self-defense" then get something that will work, not just a gun for the sake of having a gun.

    Of course, if I still lived in Cleveland, I'd be looking for a sidearm too!!

    AD (Don't forget the cost of ammunition these days too)
  11. AD has come up with a good plan and advice. I just wish I would have thought about that before him though. :D
  12. MikeH121


    Ammo is coming down. just grabbed a box of 556 30 rds in stripper clips Fed thats 30 in 3 clips for 16.95.

    Was at Wally World Thursday, they had no 22's but did have 9mm, 380 and 40 grabbed a box of Rem FMJ FN (Flatnose) 50 ct. for 19.97. The normal price for 50box of 40Cal the 9mm was 16.97 Fed dollar more on each for Win Whitebox or they had lots of Tula 9 and 40. I have a box here and there of steel case but it is not a reg thing except for my Mosin :D

    Mosies eat steel like cows eat grass. My Springfield XD eats steel well, I just don't make it a habit.

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