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  1. All,

    You may remember from several earlier IDPA threads about a girl shooter we have with us who was really having a hard time with her sidearm. Yes, is was a sub-compact Glock, but her overall gun handling skills were very weak, her grip was bad, she had a lot of problems with shooting the gun and it was killing her times.

    Fast forward several months and here's the same girl. Same gun. Same group of guys shooting with her.

    However, her overall gun handling and confidence in working with the sidearm is 2000% improved.

    She even takes out the steel popper on the first shot. (I took two, arrrrgh).

    So, if you think YOUR skills with your sidearm could stand some improvement, try one of the shooting sports near you.

    In this case, it's IDPA, but doing some searching locally will bring up all the rest of them.

    Remember she was a raw, day one shooter, new to guns less than a year ago.

    Her confidence and safety in gun handling is excellent.

    AD (oh yeah, she took a "down zero" on that swinging target. I was down 4. Arrrrgh!)

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    You guys should be very proud of her. :thumbs:
  3. Way to go.
  4. All,

    Well normally I would post this up in the IDPA thread but as we got "rained out" on Monday, the core group that did show up decided to put on an impromptu "steel" type shoot of a double elimination challenge.

    Although it was raining, I used my standard excuse of "Hey, the revolution may not happen on a sunny day" so that meant we needed some weather shooting under our belts.

    In this video, "our" lone girl shooter went up against my neighbor Bob, who lives across the canal, and she was a nervous wreck. She's a good shooter, but steel and plates really freak her out. As you will see from the video, it must have freaked out my buddy Bob, too!

    Anyway, we were all pulling for her and she came through in spite of having to reload in the stage.

    It's six plates and then a very small "button plate" that has to be shot to close the stage. First one to hit the button has it fall first and they win.

    She's running a Glock 26.

    AD (I lost the first match, won the next two and made it to the finals before getting the 2nd loss)


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