Open carrier gunned down by Missouri State Police

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  1. Noel


  2. WOW! Scary stuff. I do hope that this get worked out and we find out the truth. That's exactly what I am afraid of around here, trigger happy officers when they see armed citizens.
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  3. diesel


    There's obviously more to this story(one would hope.):confused: Sounds like the po-lice have a history with this man.
    But that being said, they still have no right to gun him down in the street. Who the hell do they think they are...the Earp brothers?
    With the leftist media involved, this guy has NO chance what so ever, they(the lefties) will find a reason why they needed to fire on him, and a list of felony chargees to go with it.
    Unfortunatly, this is the world in which we live these days.:flag:
  4. Noel


    For those who haven't been keeping up on this story, Jeffery is now out of the hospital as of last Thursday (10/11).

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