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  1. MikeH121


    Grabbed a red dot on sale for 24 bucks. 5 MOA.

    Got home just searching around. Midway, just ordered one of the last Stripped Upper Receivers. Ended up with a DPMS with forward assist, brass deflector, M4 feed ramps. 112.00 Shipped. Supposed to get it the 23 or 24th.

    Slim pickings out there, and the Upper is one of the parts they will restrict. No dust door allowed. No forward assist allowed. They want it hard to clear and getting dirty.

    Bolts will be made and available. Barrels will also. Depending on stock and how fast the Repub's cave in congress, may have to settle for a no flash hider barrel like the old ban.

    Shop in Bethel Ohio has 13 AR's all sold. 1 guy did bring one back he just bought a Windham for 1300.00 because when he got it home, his wife had already bought him one for Christmas. And there were 2 guys who said they would take it then.

    Gun sales are up. The Shop in Bethel usually has 5.56 in the steel ammo boxes. He had sold 75 ammo boxes the last 2 days. All out, only has yellow box 223 and that is his stash.
  2. WOW $24 for a red dot, not a bad price. I have been shopping for complete uppers thus far. I am trying to not wait to long because of the upcoming ban which is probably inevitable.

    I am looking for a F/A BCG right now, that's probably one of the first things they will ban as well.

    I know ADCO here in town took his website down because he has more web orders then product right now. The scare is there and surely Obamshit will finish it in grand style.

    I am thinking about getting some more reloading components as well.
  3. MikeH121


    Just checked MidwayUSA me wittle Upper is processing. Yeah the RED Dot is a 30mm 5MOA I can use it on my Mosin as well. Wanted to stay with STAG AR parts but they are out of everything.

    Stayed away from AR Stoner upper. Read one cracked just tightening the barrel.

    Had a DPMS Oracle on Midway yesterday whole upper assem with BCG for 419.00 it was gone today.

    The only thing left are 1300 dollar uppers. There are some gas piston kits out there still for around 300.00 Osprey is one. BCG plus the piston. The only real diff is the Gas key is shorter and the end of the bolt is chamfered to slide into the back.
  4. Well then I guess I shall continue my search for an upper elsewhere.

    Yeah I read that about the Stoner upper as well and I passed that one by too.

    I am trying to figure out what they are going to ban first or most importantly. Hence the search for a BCG or a complete upper. Let the games begin.
  5. If I were one of the incredibly stupid people in Washington and just HAD to somehow get rid of guns and all that nasty stuff, AND realizing that simply banning guns was never going to work, my "solution" would be to simply limit the amount of ammunition that could be purchased in a 30 day period.

    I can see the arguments for it now. "Who could possibly use more than 150 rounds of ammunition in a month?"

    The same would go for reloading supplies, heavily "safety taxed" and other incredibly stupid ideas.

    Right now I'm not really worried about a gun ban, I am concerned that ammuniton may be the key player in this continued bashing of freedom and the 2nd Amendment. On the surface, it's a much easier way to accomplish the same thing.

    If the entire world can agree to use FMJ bullets IN A REAL WAR, I'm thinking restrictions on civilian ammunition would be a slam dunk for the libtards.

    Think about what most of your "non-gun" owning friends would do if they could vote on something like that. It would all be so obvious to them.

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  6. rjrivero


    Put enough uppers out there and some will fail. I've broken uppers just taking off the barrel nut, and they were BIG NAME uppers too. Shit happens. Hey: You guys get your magazines all set up yet? It's getting UGLY out there!!
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  7. MikeH121


    Just checked at 7:50 am this morning MidwayUSA has shipper my lower that was fast.

  8. Well I picked up my lower today and complete the assembly with out problems which is good for me. LOL

    412643_10200303109567202_1157758459_o.jpg 477435_10200303109327196_1328610173_o.jpg
  9. MikeH121


    So Palmetto Lower, CMMG Kit, and UTG stock?

    Looking good so far. I think I may have panic bought the stripped upper. :D Kinda not really but it is good to have it non-the-less.

    Now I am gonna nickle and dime myself on the parts until I can find a BCG. Barrel here, charging handle there....
  10. Yeppers you nailed.

    I thought about getting a stripped upper today as well. I am still thinking about it to be honest. I know I will nickel and dime myself until I have a complete rifle as well.

    I am looking at uppers complete with the BCG already too. :D
  11. rjrivero


    Again guys.....Magazines? It's getting UGLY out there. Get yourselves some mags if you haven't already.
  12. I checked gunbroker today and P-Mags are going for $40+ a piece already. Sorry to say I cannot afford them right now. :(

    P.S. I looked for you today at ADCO, must have been your day off.
  13. MikeH121


    Got 30's no 20's. Had some old GI steel mags they still work. Got a few P-mags. Stopped in Milford Gun Shop today, small, He had 2 AR's left. 1 S&W AR 22LR and 1 Stag Arms complete. A Milford Cop picked that up. Even the cops are worried. He had 4 boxes of Win 5.56 and Federal 5.56 he has Wolf 223 he does have plastic brown ammo cans of 7.62x39 tons of AK ammo and just got a ship of 1000 rds. His floor was full of boxes of ammo just came UPS this morning. He has some old SKS's a few Mosin 91/30's and M44's.

    .223 and 5.56 are available at SGAMMO
    223 / 5.56mm | SGAmmo.com

    Even Tracers.
  14. rjrivero


    Yeah. I worked my day job yesterday and today. My "fun job" has to wait until I have some time off. Besides, there's nothing left in the shop to sell anyway.
  15. MikeH121


    Well my Upper is in Sharonville awaiting delivery tomorrow. Midway was fast. Also the upper is no longer available, they are backordered now. :D But until after the 1st so are the charging handles, FA and most dust covers. :banghead:
  16. That was fast, I know in the past if midway has it they are usually pretty good about getting you the parts. You might have to check the gun shows for some of the parts although I don't know what the prices are going to be though.
  17. If you all will remember a few messages back when I mentioned that the way for those clowns in Washington to kind of make guns useless by making ammuntion hard to get, well guess what.......

    San Francisco officials are planning to ban the possession of hollow-point bullets and require notification of the police for any single purchase of more than 500 rounds of ammunition.

    According to the San Francisco Chronicle, City Supervisor Malia Cohen is introducing the ordinance in response to last Friday's deadly shooting in Connecticut of 20 school children. (AD note: what the hell does this ordinance have to do with the shooting???)

    San Francisco had previously sought a complete ban on semi-automatic weapons within city limits, only to have it overturned by the courts.

    Mayor Ed Lee and Police Chief Greg Suhr support the Cohen measure, although they recognized the legislation could face legal challenges as well. (AD Note: WEll, DUH!) Nevertheless, Lee said, "We've got to do something more.â€

    “Ammunition designed especially for law enforcement and the military has no reason to be in our homes and on our streets,†he explained, adding that he supports the push at the federal and state level as well to expand gun control laws. (AD Note: Well then I guess FMJ bullets are the way to go in a city environment. Gross incompetence in government at work here.)

    © 2012 Newsmax. All rights reserved.


    Well, typical of most "legislators", they've got their facts all screwed up.

    The use of "hollow point" ammuniton is barred from the military due to one of the Geneva Convention rules. I am absolutely amazed that the people who have no knowledge of a subject somehow believe that because they got elected to an office, that they can "govern" people based on their own whims without a single fact to back them up. Their mantra is as stated in the press release. "WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!"

    What a bunch of moronic clowns.

    I may as well just run down to the police station and tell them when UPS is delivering another 5000 rounds to my house to save them the trouble of leaving the donut shop to "register my bullets".

    There's a reason the police (and most civilians carrying guns) use "hollow point" ammunition as it's the best stuff for personal defense, which is why they call it personal defense ammo instead of "hollow point" as ALWAYS used by the media.

    Just incredible.

    AD (I need a cup of tea to calm down now)
  18. MikeH121


    San Fran is the commie city, along with Berkley and well hell, the whole state of CA.

    Common sense and politician are two words that should never be used to describe a politician in the known universe.

    Scare the public, control the public, it is the same as it has been and always will be. The cycle of giving up freedom for security is constant.
  19. diesel


    Like usual, AD, you are so right! First of all, I still think this Lanza nut was under some kind of mind control, what better way to bring middle of the roaders to the "gun-control" side, have him slaughter a bunch a babies. That will bring the populace around to our side, in dianne feinsteins mind. I put nothing, and I mean NOTHING past this admins. determination to take our guns.
    As far as state and city managers, they will suck a golf ball through a garden hose to garner media attention and kiss the collective asses of all those out ranking them.
    And I don't think San-Fran needs to worry at all....they think its more important to roam around naked in they're city than they do about gun-control.:no: :flag:

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