One small bright spot, I hope...

Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by whitewolf68, January 10, 2013.

  1. rebel_son


    I have heard of that, but when does the law stop obama?

    He does what he wants. Look at his defacto amensty for illegal vermin who break into our country.
  2. Re: One small LIMITIED bright spot, I hope...

    This really only pertains to medical staff asking about and recording in medical files ownership and association with firearms and ammunition. It does nothing to restrict the government in any way. :banghead: Even so if a physician becomes aware of a patients involvement with firearms and feels that there is a credible threat to someone of harm or death the physician is bound by law to make the authorities aware. This fact overrides patient/physician privilege in the name of public safety. :clap:

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