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  1. I was at the range today running some bullets through the chronograph out of the Walther PPK/s and the Glock 26. Trying to make sure the power factors (PF) are adequate for the IDPA minimums to shoot in the BUG class.

    I didn't think any of the .380 pistols would "make power" and I have been correct, so far.

    The PPK/s in .380 came in at 85PF and the Glock 26 in 9mm came in right at an average of 95PF.

    95PF is the floor for the BUG division but I don't really see anybody kicking out the .380's should they show up.

    Anyway, back to the original reason for this post.

    One of my regular shooters just happened to have his .380 Bersa with him in a bag as he said he carries it about half the time instead of his 9mm sidearm. OK, cool. Let's check the PF on it, just in case you decide to shoot it in BUG some week.

    We get everything lined up. He shoots the first round through just fine.

    However, the gun won't fire another shot. None. Zero.

    It appears to be functioning just fine. It fed a new round but the trigger is not doing anything other than moving. The safety is dropping the hammer and block like it's supposed to, but when "off safe" it just will not move the hammer!

    Not a good thing, especially if you need it RIGHT NOW.

    We never did get it to fire again and I asked him how often he shot it. He said it was over a year since the last time.

    Uh, guys, make sure your carry gun really works, especially if it takes a beating in your truck, on the motorcycle, jammed into some box in the car or wherever.

    If it doesn't produce a bullet on command, it's just eyewash.

  2. daniellawecki


    Your carry gun should be shot weekly and cleaned practice with your carry or your family maybe going to your funeral or theirs. Don't bet your life on it or your rusty skills.
  3. WOW, that's not good, an EDC gun that wont fire. Now I know that this will likely spark some ire here but I firmly believe in buying the best one can afford and buying a quality known manufacturer. Before anyone is quick to jump on my backside beating me with a Hi-Point, I do own some cheapies as well. I have some cheap Rossi's I do own a Hi-Point carbine (first edition model in 9mm) as well as some others. I do not however put my life on the line with them. I reserve that right for my Kimber, Springfields or, yes AD, my Glock 30.

    I firmly believe that a quality gun will have a better track record then most, BUT if it's all one can afford then I would DAMN sure make certain it functions 100% all the time. Having a gunsmith go over a weapon once a year is not a bad thing in my eyes and does happen with my EDC's just to make damn skippy they go bang if and when I need them too. One's life is too valuable to put on the line for a malfunction.

    End rant. (puts on fire proof jockey's)
  4. MikeH121


    I bought the Kel Tec P11 double stack 9mm around Thanksgiving. Shot 50 thru it so far seems to work.

    Yet a guy at work who Ankle carries a Kel Tec 380 has an issue. He went to the range with his son, down from Columbus. Works for the Gov office. Let him shoot his old Ohio Highway Patrol aniversary model wheelie .357 complete with the flying donut logo, also the little 380 Kel Tec. They shot a mag, popped in another then not even a click. There is nothing no resistance on the go lever.

    Watched a SCCY vid on GunTortureTests, Utube, he had shot 6600 rounds was live on vid and it went bang and then not even a click. The Trigger bar had broke. To be fair the SCCY after about 6600 rounds and only a first cleaning seems okay, clean it always. But the KelTec 380 that was being carried yet not shot a lot, he said maybe 50 rounds total thru it. That is bad.

    I bought the P11 for the price and just because I buy guns to shoot. But it is why I have my M&P 9 Shield, or Springfield XD. :D

    I own 2 Hi-Points. 9 and 45 but then again two for 300 bucks when I bought them new. Bricks yes, shoots yes, carry nah babby nah.

    I collect some odd guns. Seem to gravitate to derringers now and again also. And would carry those as a backup. But maybe the Kel Tec is just a range gun. :rolleyes:

    Though I did take a look at the Grand Power 9
  5. diesel


    A friend off mine has a Kal 9 that he somehow converted to a .40(he is a gunsmith by the way). This little auto seems to eat firing pins.
    Of course you guys know me, less issues to worry about with my revolvers. They almost ALWAYS go bang, if not, just squeeze off again!:flag:

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