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Ohio CCW Permits Still On The Rise


March 5, 2012
It's great to see that the number of Ohioan who see the importance of carrying concealed is still on the rise :). From yesterday's Columbus Dispatch.

The number of concealed-carry permits issued in Ohio continues to soar, with the 63,481 new licenses approved in the first six months of this year, nearly equaling the total in all of 2012, which was a record year.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said yesterday that 48,032 permits to carry concealed weapons were issued statewide from April 1 through June 30. That covered 32,074 new licenses and 15,958 renewals.

The total is a 27 percent jump over the first quarter this year, when 31,407 new licenses and 6,354 renewal licenses were issued, a total of 37,761.
More than ever, Ohioans getting OK to carry concealed gun | The Columbus Dispatch

As always, they had to get a meaningless quote from Toby "blood will be running on the streets" Hoover :notlisten:
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