Ohio Allows Guns in Bars, One Year Later Everything's A-Ok

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  1. Ohio Allows Guns in Bars, One Year Later Everything's A-Ok

    About a year ago, Ohio passed a law that allowed gun owners to legally carry concealed weapons into bars. As we all know, Ohio has since fallen into absolute anarchy with gangs of gun-toting murder squads roving the streets,drunkenly looting businesses and shooting bystanders. In fact, the whole state looks like a scene out of The Road Warrior.

    Actually, wait a second. We just checked our sources, and it appears that Ohio is actually doing just fine. Who would have thought?

    The Columbus Dispatch recently mentioned that a year after this new legislation, “there has been silence.†Not the eerie silence that comes before a storm, but the calm, peaceful quiet of a happy community.

    Scott Heimlich, the owner of Barcelona Restaurant in Columbus and the president of the Central Ohio Restaurant Association, said, “There was a lot of hubbub about it on both sides ... then almost immediately it just got quiet. In restaurants, we have not had any incidents.â€

    He’s singing a different tune. Heimlich had a very different opinion about guns in bars a year ago: “Alcohol and guns do not mix in any type of setting. By inviting them into a restaurant, you're opening yourself up to issues."

    What issues? Where are the drunken shoot-outs? The Pulp Fiction-esque restaurant robberies?

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  2. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    I am glad this law is in effect lol. We have one bar in town. Lucky for me this bar is right down the street and sells great wings. I can keep George right where he belongs when I go in to get my order of wings and cheese sticks.

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