Ohio’s Supreme Court Upholds Preemption, Shoots Down Cleveland’s Hopes of laws

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  1. The Ohio Supreme Court made a ruling today upholding Ohio’s preemption law and siding with both the state and the National Rifle Association’s position, as outlined in an amicus brief the organization filed with the Court. The case, The City of Cleveland v. the State of Ohio, stems from the City of Cleveland’s scheme to establish a series of restrictive gun laws despite Ohio law, which clearly prohibits such municipal gun ordinances.

    NRA-ILA :: Ohio
  2. Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale

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    I grew up in Cleveland and was a Cop in Cuyahoga County. Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are a cesspool of Crime, corruption, liberal democrat philosophy and despair, and should be avoided at all cost !
  3. I personally avoid Cleveland when ever possible. =)

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