Oh Why not... Pics of my pistols..SO FAR

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by MikeH121, September 5, 2012.

  1. MikeH121


    FEG PA-63


    Iver Johnson 55SA Cadet 38 Special


    22 LR and 38 S&W Derringers put them in a cigar box because they look like they're related :)


    And still got my Springfield XD40 and a few more that I have yet to photograph.

    The 4 are all used Good condition and great deals. I collect older and sometimes unusal guns. My XD40 is about 7 years old and has had 1000+ rounds put through her and she wants more.
  2. Nice set of Derringers, and I do like the cigar box look.

    BTW I am Springfield XD fan as well. I love the platform and like your's they just eat rounds and beg for more. I have 2 XD currently a 9mm SC and my Tactical in .40 S&W.

    Here is a picture of my collection minus a few strays that were acquired after the photo was taken. The single rifle pic is my Savage .308.

    Collection.jpg .308 Savage.jpg
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