Obama Voters

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    I have nothing to add to the picture ;)

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    I had a employee come up to my and said I voted for Obama and now I regret it.
  5. Disregarding the gun/firearm issue,
    When the economy is bad and people need jobs,you vote republican. In the manufacturing sector,in order for the rich to get richer,they need to manufacture/sell more. In order to sell more,they need to make more,in order to make more,they need more employees. Let the rich get richer.
    When the economy is good and everyone that wants to work is working,a democratic win will help get social programs in place and running to help the people that truly need help.
    I know retired 'white' people that voted democratic and their social security 'cost of living' increases the past three years were 0%,0%,1%. The more people that are working,the more money going into social security to allow for COL raises.
    I know retired 'black' people the voted with their 'skin' and not their wallet,same as above,no COL raises.
    I know a lot of people regretting how they voted.
    Last election,I voted Romney. Before that I voted Palin & ?(I forget). If Obama was a non-muslamic republican,I would have voted Obama if he was the republican ticket(I can't imagine a republican coming from Illinois/Chicago).
  6. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.


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