Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016″

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  1. DOJ strikes again, with a little help from their friend MIC

    This may be some of the help that will be occurring to aid him in his accomplishment.
    DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights | Judicial Watch
    In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights. :banghead: :cry:
    Some how I just don't see them allowing us to call 1st Amendment when they come after us for anything we may say about Muslim. They are just pretty well ignoring The Constitution to begin with.
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    Re: DOJ strikes again, with a little help from their friend MIC

    Like I've said from the beginning of all this, This man is "The Anti- Christ."Theres absolutely no doubt in my mind or has there ever been. He proves it on a daily basis by his actions.
    Do any of you believe the "Newtown Massacre" really occurred? I don't. I never seen a body or a casket or a funeral for that matter. A FEMA exorcise on how to handle children in a disaster 15 miles down the road on the same week???
    PLEEEEAAAASE!!!!! 75% of Americans may fall for this shit, but not I.
    Need I add anymore examples?......I think not, one need only open their eyes and LOOK AROUND themselves. Is this the same ole U.S.A. that I grew up in????? Hell no......lets grow some balls and stop this shit before it comes to fruition.

    "GOD BLESS AMERICA":flag::flag::flag:
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  3. Re: DOJ strikes again, with a little help from their friend MIC

    diesel, I will have to disagree with you on this one. Not about Obummer being an anti Christ like figure but about the Newtown School shooting.
    First off their are just too many people involved who were direct witnesses and/or who lost loved ones because of the event, you just can't keep that many people quiet. Besides how do you explain your son/daughter still being around years later after they had been killed. Doesn't work.
    Most importantly the anti Christ will not worry about whether anyone dies to further his cause. The more pain and anguish he creates because of this actions the more beneficial the event will be to him. He is the pain and suffering in this world and he relishes it all without remorse.
    Bodies no, funerals yes there were several that were publicly viewed processions going to the grave site and yes this doesn't refute what you are eluding too.
    The fact that so much is kept from the public regarding this event draws attention the idea of it not being what it appears to be on the surface and that glaring fact will not go away until the truth comes out to clarify all questions the public needs answered.
    To say the Newtown Shooting didn't happen would be like saying the Holocaust didn't happen, yeah I know there are people who believe that too. Sorry not buying that one either.
    I have to go back to reality of the pain involved with regard to events created by evil people, they don't care who they hurt or how much. They are focused on doing one thing and one thing only for whatever reason that may have pushing them towards their own death and destruction, be it "The Anti Christ" or demons of their own device.
    But until they achieve that end they will continue in that direction until we as a society stop them and we the people will need to take back our country from those in power who have allowed the morale decay of our nation. They alone are not at fault as we the people have allowed our rights and freedoms to be taken away, no that isn't true, that we have given away to some slick talking head that tells us it is for the greater good and we believed them. Shame on us for not taking a stand a long time ago and letting them know that they must govern the country on our terms, We The People.

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