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  1. diesel


    Hopefully all of you gentlemen belong to the NRA. At this point in our history, they are the only ones fighting the good fight for rights as gun owners. Join this organization and donate what you can, it will be spent on you!!! Open any NRA magazine from the last year and you will find much written about "Operation Fast and Furious." Gives you some idea of what the Obama administration and the BATF are doing with our tax dollars.

    Let me know what you feel about this.
  2. NRA Life member, of course!

    I can't imagine how dorked up our guns laws would be without them chasing down every stupid and silly potential law that comes out of that mess called Washington.

    Just reading the editorial pages in the monthly magazine makes you realized how much we never hear about until the NRA gets on their case!!

  3. diesel


    Good to hear that, AD. Lets just hope Obama doesn't win another term or we will see many of our rights challenged again.
    It is estimated that the next Pres. will be able to appt. 3 supreme court justices in 4 years. We absolutely CANNOT let obama have this privilege !!!
  4. rjrivero


    I'm an NRA Life member. I don't believe in EVERYTHING the NRA does, but without them we would be worse off.

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