NRA To Renew Push for Open Carry in Florida (VIDEO)

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  1. Undaunted by past failures, the National Rifles Association is angling to legalize open carry in the Sunshine State, setting its sights on the 2013 session of the state Legislature.

    The executive director the Unified Sportsmen of Florida, an NRA state affiliate, Marion Hammer told the Tampa Bay Times that the bill would allow those who currently possess concealed carry permits, to carry openly in public.

    The bill is necessary, Hammer argued, because police continue to harass concealed carry holders when they accidentally expose or flash their guns in public, despite the passage of legislation to eliminate this phenomenon.

    “We are going to address the problem of law-abiding gun owners exercising their Second Amendment rights, because they’re being harassed,†Hammer said. “The goal of the new bill will be exactly as it was in 2011 — to protect law-abiding people who have a license to carry.â€

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  2. Sign me up for that program!!

    Oh yeah, I'm already signed up for it!!

  3. LOL I thought you would appreciate that story AD.
  4. diesel


    Maybe they should create a bill to prosecute the eff'n morons who harass them, cops included!:flag:
  5. I would love to see that as well but alas we are but a small pawn in the world of legal dealings. It would take a large group as a show of rights for open carry to REALLY get the word out and even then I am afraid we'll still be harassed, speaking from an Ohio standpoint.

    Personally I am trying to find work for over a year now and I would LOVE to open carry. I find it more comfortable but I am not willing to get arrested for causing a disturbance. If there was a group forming a protest here I would probably take place in it. I do have ties to the County legal system here where I live so lawyers are not a problem. ;)

    I would love to see the police taught how to PROPERLY handle an open carry encounter and not be pricks about it as well as the general public. I've got a couple of friends that have had rather abrasive encounters with Toledo Police here when they were open carrying.

    {enter soapbox mode}

    In closing here I am sure we all know that not everyone that carries a gun is a bad person but so many damn people freak out it is crazy. Teachers need to teach the constructional laws in grade school more so that they know what our rights are and not to be afraid of a person carrying a gun until they are personally threatened with said gun.

    {end soap box mode}

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