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  1. I keep trying to spread the word about the board and I've told people that ALL are welcome but the primary focus is Ohio ownership. We are getting the guest visits but people are not signing up. I know we are getting the hits. Any ideas or places I can safely announce the boards existence?
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  3. diesel


    Perhaps try to contact some of the outdoor and or shooting clubs individually. Even some of the other local blogs.
  4. Good point I will take a look around and see who or what connections I can make.


    Place adds on gunoards .com g41/43 forum...k98 forum...ww2 weapons forum and talk with scott weber at gunrunner auction..maybe he will place an add on his site? I can also give him a call..he is a good friend of mine
  6. neohiobiker


    God don't go to Scott Weber This man is might have his S*it together with guns and actions BUT the way he treats women that want to be gunners like us is horrible. He's condescending and like to jerk thier chain refuses to give them info that all the guys know cause we're into this kind of stuff. besides he doesn't sell ammno what kind of gun shop doesn't sell ammo.
    I know from experience taking to my lady
  7. HKlover


    i would try to post some ads on armslist, great website im always on it

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