Not a good day for Concealed Carry in Michigan

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    These are the kind of situations that lead the anti-gun crowd to declare that allowing citizens to carry concealed will result with "blood running in the streets". Unfortunately ... This case shows that it can happen :(

    Road rage shootout leaves two drivers dead |

    No matter who initiated the road rage and who pulled their pistol 1st, in my view both of these men were wrong and made a series of bad decisions that resulted in this foolish and needless situation.

    Here is an additional account from the mother who was a passenger in the Pullum car (the one being chased). If her account is accurate/true, it would appear that Mr. Pullum did not exit his car with gun in hand and retrieved his gun and returned fire only after being shot by Taylor.

    Mother who witnessed fatal road rage shootout says other driver followed car, shot first |
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  2. WOW! That is my wife's worst nightmare. She know I drive too fast and dangerous at times and is afraid I am gonna piss off the wrong person. So sorry to hear about this violent and senseless act.
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    The lord only knows what goes through the minds of the mentally unbalanced.:confused:
    A tragedy for all, especially for those left to pick up the pieces. :flag:

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