Northwest Ohio Open Carry Walk

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  1. We will be meeting at the Shell gas station on Monroe st and N. Ontario in downtown Toledo! We will be starting from that point and walking to Summit st, then Summit st to Cherry St, then Cherry st to Erie st. then Erie st. to Monroe st. Bring your handguns and long rifles and make your own signs or banners if you would like!

    Disclaimer: While we would love to see as many people carrying as possible, please take it upon yourself to make sure that you are obeying all laws and procedures, that you can legal
    ly be in possession of a firearm, and that any interactions with law enforcement or the public are respectful and courteous. NWO Carry does not condone violence, disrespect, or anything that could be misconstrued as disorderly conduct. You are coming to this event as an individual and NWO Carry is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for any action you commit, or any action taken against you legally or civilly. While we encourage you to flex your rights, please use your best discretion as to what to do and not to do.

    What to bring: your firearm, a holster (open or concealed), a sling or strap for long guns, a friend or friends! We will provide flyers to pass out. Hope to see everyone there!

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      [TD="class: _51m- vTop fbEventLocationInfo _51mw"]822 Monroe St. Toledo, Ohio 43604: Meet us at the corner of Monroe st. and Ontario.

      • Sunday, September 22, 2013
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        until 2:00pm
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  2. You may want to remind people NOT to unholster their sidearms and NOT to unsling any long guns. Even in a very peaceful demonstration, having the participants handling weapons is not good publicity.

    I believe that may be the reason our "Open Carry" events have excluded long arms for all this time. Most of the guys don't want to sling an AR all day long and moving it from side to side may not be interpreted by the local LEO's as a kindly gesture.

    Carrying and handling are two different things so make sure your guys understand the difference. Several hours carrying a holstered sidearm is much easier than several hours of a slung rifle.

  3. Good advice for sure. Sadly I will not be able to attend this rally like I had planned. Work changed our truck delivery schedule and now I have to work that Sunday. I was truly looking forward to the rally in my own backyard.

    I am anticipating a good turnout and good a walk so we shall see how things go.

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