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No Whining.


September 5, 2012
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Saw this. Look at his face, still has that animal determination. Okay, it is what it is, I am moving on.

Be that, get that warrior spirit, live like yesterday didn't matter. Today is new, dogs are just that. We have all seen the dog that looked like it was dead, mistreated, they come back physically faster than we humans. We need that animal in us. Like the Spartans. Be the warrior.

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Remember those that have paid. Celebrate the time they gave us. The enemy they kept away. The freedom they sacrificed for our Liberty.

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One man can change the course of the battle. Can inspire others to rise up, and charge into the fire. It has happened many times and will again. General Cota, on Omaha Beach. Audie Murphy. Sgt York.

One unnamed Black truckdriver, of the Red-Ball express. The 101st were pinned down by the road by a bunker mg. The truck driver Sgt got out asked if he could borrow someone's weapon. He assulted and took out the bunker, gave back the weapon and drove off.

Things are bad, can always be worse. Accept what is like the dog above and move out. Soldier on. When life gives you lemons, Shoot the suckers, pile up the brass. Lemonaide is over-rated. :D

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