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  1. Someone told me that Mike Dewine, our attorney General has made it so our CCW exempts us from the NICS background check. Has anyone else heard this ? From what I heard we would still have to fill out the ATF form 4473. I am not sure of the political path the AG has to go through to make this happen, but wouldn't the governor have to sign off on it too ? Also can a state AG exempt us from a federal background check ?

  2. MikeH121


    There are other states where it is the same. The AG worked with the ATF on this. If you have a CCW it is good for 5 years. NICS is the same. So you still fill out the form, but instead of the phone call they copy your info on the form from your CCW permit.

    ATF still has the records from MFG'ers as to where the gun was sent for retail sale. It will take a while to trickle down to some small LGS's but it will get there.
  3. TrustyCow


    This is accurate, if you have a CCW issued after March then what happens is your background is being checked automatically every 30 days for criminal convictions to automatically revoke your ccw license. The NICS is simply using that information if you have a valid CCW you are good to go.

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