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  1. tom


    I'm an old fart from Cuyahoga County, real close to the Medina County line....about 500 ft. away...LOL

    I'm not a hunter, just a plinker/target shooter, and an EDC and SD CCW carrier. I'm a member at WBRPC in Grafton, and I'm into reloading for the some of the guns I have.

    Right now, I'm into reloading .223 rifle, and 9mm pistol. I don't do bullet casting, and am always on the lookout for reloading supplies, which seem to dry up whenever I need them...LOL

    I live in Strongsville.

    I was hesitating on joining another gun forum, as it puts me on the radar for some government bureaucrat who can't find a REAL job, and lives off my tax dollars.

  2. Tom,

    Strongsville, eh? I used to live there back in the 70's and early 80's over on Whitney Drive. Those buildings you see when getting on the Turnpike was the place!

    At the time, I had an interesting job. I was one of the original pilots for ABC News (TV-5) "Chopper 5".

    Also, I wouldn't worry about being on the "government radar" as they already have you for your permits, ammo supplies, reloading supplies and all that. Enjoy the freedom of the boards!!

    I've also got a nice photo of the former Strongsville PD helicopter. Well, at least before they crashed it after telling me they didn't need any more instruction from "a civilian". Evidently they did.


  3. tom


  4. tom


    LOL....small world.

    I hadn't been into shooting since Viet Nam days, but, when the neighbor's Rottweiler mangled my dogs (4 times so far), I decided it might be time to get a gun or two, go to the range, and get a CCW. Now, I'm into reloading my own ammo so I have it when I need it, and save quite a bit of money to be able to shoot more.

    I'm on Prospect Road.
  5. diesel


    Hello, Tom. Another old fart from Youngstown.:flag:
  6. daniellawecki


    Welcome from NW Ohio near the Michigan line always nice to see a new reloader here. :flag:

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