New York has gone and did it

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  2. So they pretty much just imposed a ban on EVERY weapon except bolt guns. Ridiculous! :dumb:
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    yepper...CA has said if a weapon has a detachable mag it will be banned. That is a bill being introduced.

    Then on the other side we have Wyoming which will make it a state felony for any fed to confiscate any citizens firearms within its borders. Citing the Second and Tenth A's.

    And new from Montana being introduced:

    Montana to the Feds: FOAD | The Truth About Guns
  4. Boy oh boy the dividing lines are being drawn quite rapidly. This is gonna be interesting to see how things shake out. I just wonder in Ohio will roll over and expose it's belly as always.
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    This has not been a popular opinion on any site I am on, but you can blame this on liberal whites who have given these politicians the power and votes to be able to pull this crap.

    Many societies die and America will die by its own hands as we are being shown.
  6. Wow this is F'd up! These friggen fascists better stop before this goes further.
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    Ya know guys, this is probably the best thing to happen, seeing as how its happening in N.Y. I believe I read the word
    confiscate or its synonym twice in that article. Leave it up to the yellow streaked backs of N.Y. Expect Ca. major cities to follow suit.:evil:
    The only way to end this gun ban bullshit is for it to come to a head and its only a matter of time til it does. Cuomo and all the other Bloomberg-backed liberals are going to expedite this confrontation with this bill. It will soon be time to put our collective money where are mouth is, shit or get off the pot, or any other cliché you choose. It will be up to gun owners and 2nd amendment lovers everywhere to go to the aid of our like-minded brothers in N.Y.
    I for one, would rather die defending our constitution, than lay around and die the slow death of servitude!!!!:flag: :flag:
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    :rofl: Politicians are IDIOTS not that that is news to any here, but the Newly Signed Gun ban in New York and the 7 rd mag issue also included the police........

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