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  1. Hello my name is Rick and I am new to not only this forum but Ohio. I moved from Michigan (I'm sorry I won't say that word again) to the Columbus area and looking for a group of people that share a common interest and know more about the area then I do. (Which I am guessing is everyone)

    Been reading through some of the posts and look like a good group of people that seem to know the right areas to find the right things. So far the only thing I have found in my area is a place called Ohio Valley outdoors which seems like a descent store and indoor range. Hoping to find other areas along with some good shows in the area to check out throughout time

    Look forward to continuing to read further information
  2. rjrivero


    Welcome Rick. I'm also a Michigan transplant. I don't root for the U of Phlegm, I'm a Spartan!

    Hope you enjoy your stay!!
  3. Welcome Rick,
    I look forward to your posts. Enjoy Columbus! I think they have some good gun shows down in that area. One of the largest gun shows I ever went to was in Columbus. Once you get to know the area you should be golden.
  4. Welcome to the community Rick. Always nice to have another active member here. We are a small community right now but with help we are growing.

    There is a great group of people here that I am sure will be of more help to you than me. ;)

    Again welcome to the community and Ohio. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

  5. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    Ohhhhhhhhhh sweetie don't say that place down in those parts. Now you just take a piece of advice. You go and get you an Ohio state hat and wear it ALL the time. Try to blend in dear or they will eat you alive down there lol.
  6. PrepperTraining


    Hey rdrouill!

    Wlecome to the group. I'm in the Columbus area myself, although I'm usually working out of state. I'm coming back home for January, so maybe we can get out to the range a bit.
  7. MikeH121


    Welcome also....even we can forgive an M-word person:lol:

    Not too many egos here. If you do the AR's they have lots of egos at AR15 forums.

    But we seem to do AR's also at least some of us are starting to get into them.

    Not as much snow as up "there" but we also ain't Florida.
  8. diesel


    Welcome, rd. If your an easy going regular guy, you will like this forum. These folks are great and very well informed. The AR thing?......I have one, but only know how to fire it! These guys know every part and screw and can certainly tell you anything you need to know about them.
    Me.....i'm just here for the free beer!:D :flag:
  9. Hey! I missed that link!

    Where is it?????

  10. diesel


    Lol, AD. If we ever get together, i'd be happy to buy.:flag:

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