New StarBM Bocote Grips Done

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by MikeH121, March 17, 2015.

  1. MikeH121


    Finished, (well mostly) the new grips made of Bocote for the Star BM. They are thick. Half again as the originals. But I haven't decided if I am gonna thin them or add some finger grooves first.

    They are not laquered but merely buffed out with a dremel buffing wheel.

    Shaped and installed left side, right cut and ready to shape.


    As I said they are thick for the moment.


    Shaped and buffed right side.


    Thick did I say that already?


    I think the Bocote goes well with the Blued metal. Now will maybe reblue the Star.


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  2. Do the feel good or does the handling seem wrong. They look really nice go shoot then tune them to your liking. Once the wood is gone there's no going back.:thumbs:
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  3. reaper66


    They look kinda thick. Hahahahaha!

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  4. MikeH121


    I can always make another set. As I said they feel okay to me. I have average sized hands. If I finger groove them I need to keep them thick as I get the grooves set. Then thin them out tapered into the grooves. I will most likely thin them just maybe a little thicker than the originals.

    I also disabled (removed) the mag safety. It is a bar of spring steel just popped out. No modifying. Just in the box with the grips. I also have different woods so may do another set in something else.

    I cannot leave well enough alone. :lol:
  5. diesel


    They look great, Mike. Keep up the good work, my friend.:thumbs:

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