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Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by whitewolf68, December 17, 2011.

  1. I finally broke down and bought a new shotgun. I even added the poor mans tactical light on it. :) I used my existing Brinkmann flashlight and a one inch scope ring on the attached tri-rail I added. Seems to work well but we'll see at the first firing this coming week during Christmas at home.

    DSC00142.jpg DSC00143.jpg
  2. forrest r

    forrest r

    I'm a huge 870 fan also & have owned one for over 30+ years in one form or another. Now you need to geta lee loadall for pet loads. All those unfired 22's you see laying around at the range come in handy for a poor mans buckshot load or my absolute favorite, 20 dimes. The dimes are devestating on anything at close (10yds) range. Some of them hit flat, some turn sideways & go in like a knife (excellent on light body armor).
  3. Somehow my responses are getting lost here...

    I would love to get your dime load recipe, that sounds like a fun shell to shoot too. =)

    I have a Norinco 870 copy and I figured I needed to have the real deal as well so I broke down and got the 870 HD. This weekend will be the first firing of BOTH weapons. I am looking forward to it alot.
  4. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    I keep getting booted and the posts I made disappear.....

    I don't know much about 870s but was offered a NIB WTF Commemorative 870 for $200 yesterday. If I'd been able to get the cash to the guy, I could have had it. Don't know what I wouild do with a 12 gauge pump though.
  5. Glad it is not just me. I will have to talk to my host company and see what the deal is.

    The 870 is the Standard by which ALL other pump action shotguns are compared. If you can get a 12ga 870 for $200 I would jump all over it, that is one heck of a nice price. I have 2 I use for home defense purposes.
  6. forrest r

    forrest r

    I'd be buying that 870 for $200 & reselling it for some loot to put towards something I wanted.

    The dimes are easy to load in a 12ga, just use the same load data (wad/powder/case/ECT) for the 1 1/8oz target load (1200fps) & put 20 dimes instead of the 1 1/8oz of lead shot. This load is just plain mean!!!! The dimes that turn sideways cut just like a knife in whatever they hit (light grade body armour). Just make sure you have either a sawed off bbl, an open cylinder bbl or a cylinder choke in your bbl before you shoot them.

    My favorite home defense loads are these & olf unfired (duds) 22lr lead bullets loaded up for poor mans buckshot (10 22lr slugs in every round loaded). I alternate rounds in the 870 so if I have to use it someones catching 10 22's then 20 dimes the 10 22's then, well you get the idea. If you have acess to a shotgun press load some of these loads up & give them a try. Like I said, flat out mean!!!
  7. I will have to load up some shells like that. My 870 HD has no choke tube system to it straight barrel design. I would love to test fire these and see the devastation. :)
  8. Flat washers work as well and they cost less.
  9. Oh my, that is nice. Hopefully I will have one by the end of the week if my trade offer goes through.
  10. Thank you. I do love my guns and home protection is pinnacle for me.

    I hope your trade goes through without fail. :fingers crossed:
  11. :D

    Deal went through. I had to drive 3 hrs. round trip but we got it done. Now for some gun porn:




    I was told it only had 20 rds. through it and I have no reason to doubt it with the shape it's in.

    I went out and purchased some 00 and some 1 oz. rifled slugs to go along with my supply of buckshot.

    I'm thinking of adding a Blackhawk Knoxx SpecialOps Adjustable Shotgun Stock and buying a full length barrel for it.
  12. Congrats! It is a thing of beauty indeed.

    Post some more pics if you get the new stock on there. I personally want a SureFire LED light forend.


    They are bit pricey but sweet.
  13. You ask for it so here it is with the Knoxx Spec Ops recoil absorbing stock with adjustable length of pull. I haven't got to the range yet to see how much recoil it absorbs but I hope to soon.



  14. That's a nice add on and looks great! Let me know how the recoil is I just might have to add one myself.
  15. HKlover


    I too own a 870 tactical , bought at dunhams for 330 out the door best purchase ive made , dont really shoot it much maybe 100 rounds at most out of it!, ill post some pics when i find time
  16. I really wanted the tactical version but for the money I spent on my 870 HD it was worth it. Had I been able to get the tactical version for $330 I would have jumped on it. :)
  17. HKlover


    last time i was at dunhams they were still at that price, its funny they had a mossberg 500 tactical for like 450
  18. Mossbergs are nice but personally they are way over rated from what I've seen and heard. I love my 870's and trust them with my life.
  19. diesel


    I had a Moss. 500 and had to spend $100 right out of the box!!! Safety came off only part of the time and had to have the chamber opened up as it would not eject slug or high powered 3" empties.
    My 870 Super Mag cost me $309 back then at Dicks and it is a typical remington scatter gun. Shoots great and have never had a problem with it since purchase(maybe 10 to 13 yrs ago) I'm a waterfowler so needless to say there have been thousands of rounds through it not to mention 3" slugs. In my opinion, one of the best, cheaper shotguns ever made.
  20. WOW! That is not a good report for Mossberg but is a testament of the Remington quality.

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