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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by whitewolf68, January 22, 2012.

  1. Here is a picture of the DB9 Pocket pistol.


    Been reading the reviews on the company and the goods. SO far they seem pretty promising. The company was started by two former Kel-Tec employees so the frame is somewhat Kel-Tec and the slide takes down like a Glock. IMHO this is a hybrid style firearm as a pocket gun. Average price I've seen has been about $300 NIB.

    Seems Desantis also has a nice belt holster for this gun already.


    Just thought I would toss this into the fray as possible pocket carry. =)

    Here is a nice review of this gun with both the good and bad. Gun Review: Diamondback DB9 | The Truth About Guns
  2. These have been out for a little while now. My local gun store had one on the shelf a few months back and I considered getting one but I don't like that it doesn't have a slide lock. The little thing must be brutal on the hand to shoot because I noticed one of the employees purchased one and he had it up for sale shortly after taking it to the range.
  3. Hmmm, I did not think it was that old, my apologies for old news. I did watch several videos with firing tests and they did not look that bad as far as recoil. The type of ammo will play a big part with the recoil I'm sure. I know a lot of people dis-like the lack of a slide lock but I know there had to be some concessions with size and cost. I found it most interesting that it was a Glock style take down with a Kel-Tec style frame. I just wonder how that is going to play out with the respective companies. ;)
  4. DEFCON1


    I'm still waiting for a pocket size gun that will stay together and not beat itself to death. I'm interested in trying out a Desert Eagle MicoEagle. They are gas retarded blow-back.

    I had a sccy CPX-1. It was brutal to shoot. Small 9x19, springs wore out incredibly fast. Too much power in a small gun. The round beats it to death, and it's not even +p rated.

    I also had a Masterpiece Arms Protector .380. (Think copy of Seecamp). All of the research I did on it said it was a good, solid pistol. Even with target rounds it was torture to shoot. It was so small I couldn't hang onto it. Again, the springs wore at an incredible rate. It would activate the magazine release during firing because of the recoil. I fixed that problem, and got it working at 100% and then decided it wasn't for me so I sold it, warning the buyer to replace the springs. He didn't, and I got an email that the slide broke after the third shot at the range.

    These little hot rod guns just can't take it. I'm not normally recoil sensitive. I shoot a .454 Casull on a regular basis, and normally carry .45's. I just need enough gun to hang onto. I don't mind carrying extra weight either, so I have decided to stick with full size guns. My smallest carry now is a makarov.

  5. DEFCON1, I have a S&W Bodygaurd that I carry when a larger gun is out of the question. I can shoot it all day and my hand is no worse for the wear and I haven't had any issues with the springs. I've also owned an LCP and it was a soft shooter as well. If you want an all metal CC in .380 then the Sig P238 is a great choice, also the Bersa Thunder should be considered but with that much weight you may as well jump right into a 9mm. The Kahr PM9 and the CM9 (same gun, less refined and less expensive), work great and are easy to shoot. I currently have a Ruger SR9C which is a little bigger than the Kahr's but it's been great so far. The SR's trigger has gotten much better after a fluff and buff and a bunch of dry firing. It's safe to dry fire as long as the mag is inserted or the mag disconnect is removed (which is super easy to do). The great thing is, we have a bunch of options when it comes to a small CCW.
  6. Forgive my newbness with this subject. I've personally not had a pocket gun but knowing the desert eagle build are the MicroEagles heavy like their counterparts?

    The only gun that I've had come close was a cheap Davis .380 and that was heavy and not much fun to shoot. I am with you on enough gun to hang on to. I carry most of the time my Springfield XD 9 Subcompact with a mag extension but sometimes I carry my XD .40 tactical. I am hopefully going to be able to sell my Enfield 303 tomorrow and get a .45 in a compact frame size for carry.

    I too have a Makarov PA-63 nice solid gun but man does it bite if your not careful. For a little gun it packs a punch.

    As for the Diamond Back time will tell how it fairs, but I am thinking pretty darn well based solely on design.
  7. DEFCON1


    The micro eagle is very small.

    Magnum Research

    I did just notice +p is not recommended for it either.

    The PA63 you referenced is sort of a makarov. It's similar and is in the Makarov caliber, but there were issues with it like biting. Try a real Bulgarian Makarov. Fantastic pistols. I own three.
  8. I am surprised that it is not +P rated.

    I do know the Makarov you speak of, I believe my father has one in his collection. Yeah the PA-63 is nice but it does bite, STP. LOL
  9. markshere2


    Kel Tec p11s are big enough to hold onto, and priced very nicely now a days.
    I don't like the trigger, but the recoil is manageable and you can stuff a lot of real 9mm rounds into one.

    Kel-Tec has a great warranty but their customer service operates at a slow speed.

    If you live your life with multiple carry pieces, consider this gun.

    I traded off a Ruger LCP (380) because of not enough gun for the recoil. I have not shot the kel tec p09 and won't until I can borrow one or buy one cheap enough for that reason.
  10. cableguy


    I had a kel-tec p3at. It was ok. I did not shoot well with it, (probably me more than the gun). I didn't like the trigger. It tended to pinch my trigger finger between the bottom of the trigger and the trigger guard. I sold it. I will consider a p11, but have and carry a G27. I like the size of the glock, and it's chambered in .40. It's fine for ccw imo. So, I will probably just stick with the glock.
  11. diesel


    Great info, but i still prefer my revolvers. My carry gun has become my smith mod. 66 in .357 mag. If weight is an issue for some of you guys you can go to a colt cobra that weighs in at just 1lb. 05/8 ozs. in .38 spec.
  12. MikeH121


    Revolver is smarter no mag needed, carry extra bullets in a pocket. But for less price, and about the same size but slimmer I'll go with the PA-63. I love my Springfield XD-40. Love the caliber, but it is also a bit big for warmer weather to conceal. Same with the Glocks.

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