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  1. As a result of VBSEO being no longer in business I have decided to turn off, for now, that function of the board. The unfortunate side of that is the likes system going away.

    Do you feel it is necessary or needed?? Would you like the old system back at the cost of slower load times? OR Would you like me to implement a new likes system?

    Please let me know you opinion in this thread.
  2. diesel


    I LIKE the "likes system." I'm quite sure the thumbs up will work just fine, Andy. It's nice to know one agrees with you or simply "likes" what you've said. And vice-versa, I like to let one know when I "like" their post.
    You have done a great job with this site so far, I see no reason to question your decision making now.
    Keep up the good work!:thumbs: :thumbs: :flag:
  3. Thank you Diesel. I try my hardest to make this a nice place to meet an greet and have a good time. I hope that people will see a slight speed increase as well in the loading times now.

    The only real problem is loss of the likes system and the fact that I will lose my Google standings for a bit until they can re-index the site. Probably does not mean much to most folks but I am trying my damndest to get the site in the forefront on Google searches when you type in gun forum. That has not happened yet but I am still hopeful. :thumbs:
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