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New Jersey vet denied entry to six flags because of patriotic shirt


December 23, 2012
I was wondering when someone was gonna post this. I go to Six Flags parks and Cedar Fair parks. They're not a 'public place',they're a paid admittance private facility. Even though everyone on this forum will probably disagree with me,I agree with the park policies. Gun tattoos have to be covered up or no admittance. The family friendly atmosphere has no place for profanity,sexual,gang/tribal,illegal substances,firearms attire.
Six Flags has apologized to him and offered a cover-up shirt.
BUT,a double standard exists. They should also remove shooting galleries and toy gun sales.
They also allow in service members in their military attire with pins and patches depicting firearms.
It's a difficult situation for the parks.
My firearms pins come off if I'm wearing that jacket to the parks.


GOA Member
January 26, 2012
Just plain leftist bullshit.
I'd bet one could get in wearing a shirt with a giant reefer plant on it or two gays kissing.
Our country has gone to hell because of political correctness and it's incidents like these that fuel the fire.:banghead:

Six flags will never see a penny of mine. :flag: