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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by ADulay, May 24, 2015.

  1. All,

    Well, I went and classified in the new BUG division of IDPA and liked the gun I borrowed so much, I went out and bought one! Now I need another 9mm gun like a hole in the head but this one fits a specific notch in the shooting game for me.

    It's a Glock 26/Gen 4 and other than adding a set of Pearce grip extensions to the magazines, it will be running stone stock.

    The BUG division is for guns smaller than a 3.61" barrel and can use 380ACP ammo and up.

    This brings a LOT of commonly carried guns into the game without having to shoot against full sized 9mm guns.

    I think it'll be fun to switch out every few weeks and do "battle" with some of my buddies who can drag out their back up guns and shoot 'em up!

    Anyway, I ran 100 rounds through it with zero problems (of course, it's a Glock!) and at the end I decided to time a set of three Mozambique drills.

    First set was strong hand only, reload, weak hand only, reload and finish with strong hand only. 9 shots total. Two reloads (I always need the practice). This was done at the standard 10 yards.

    Here's the target with all nine shots in the "down zero" area. Those other hits are from when I was out at 20+ yards to make sure the gun can actually hit the target from out there, freestyle. All 100 shots hit the paper. I consider this gun good for daily EDC should I need to put it into the rotation for some reason.


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  2. Well, to finish the "new gun setup" I hit the range and finished it off with 50 rounds of mixed 115g ammo. 50 rounds of 124g ammo and finally, 50 rounds of my traditional "carry" ammo, 135g Federal Premium Hyda-Shok.

    Nary a failure or burp or anything and I ran magazines from the Glock 19 and Glock 34 through it just to make sure they would work.

    They do. It looks a little odd, with that huge G34 magazine poking out of the bottom of the grip, but it works just fine.

    I declare the new Glock 26 "ready to run" for daily carry and/or the IDPA BUG division, which is where it will get its trial by fire this next Monday night.

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  3. ... will get it's TRAIL by fire this next.....

    Did I really write that? Hmm, looks like I need to edit that post for the correct word!

  4. You know AD one of these days your gonna try a Springfield XD and fall in love with it. :evil:

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