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  1. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

    Hope you all like it. :D

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  2. went to it and logged in.
    the 'old' forum I found frustrating only in the regard of going to a member's profile,such as mine, and not being able to go to 'find all posts by member' to find old posts. the 'new' forum has that feature which will save a lot of time searching forum topics.
    So,so far,better.
  3. Glad you liked it thus far. I am still trying to get things just right. If there is anything you'd like tweaked please let me know. Also if I missed something this site has you'd like to see let me know. I'll try to get it in there. That goes for everyone obviously as well. ;)
  4. OK folks. Here is my upcoming game plan. I am in contact with my hosting provider to move us to a new server with more speed and better support. Here's the hitch though.

    I do not know when I will be able to get it moved BUT I will hopefully be working with them on the move here Monday or Tuesday. I have to go to my parents home to pickup my car after repairs and some other family events. I hope to get things set up Monday with them and find out the time frame we're looking at. My only concern is getting everything setup again on the new server and the addresses adjusted accordingly.

    I will most certainly keep you ALL up to date on the events. Hang in there for me I am working on making our home better as fast as I can. ;)
  5. Wanted to also let you know I added a calendar feature to the new board that I think you'll like better. It makes it easier to add to the calendar over all.

    When you're in creating a new thread you can goto Thread Tools and there is a calendar add menu item there. Just select your dates with a ctrl+click to select more than one date or click the advanced button for more options. As the date comes close it will appear in the sidebar as well.

    I hope you find it of use and easier to use as well. Let me know if you have problems or questions please.

    Thank you,


  6. In the old forum,didn't we have our location listed under our username in the thread post,I believe mine was northeast ohio.
    Along with 'new post' in the header at top,any way of doing recent posts too. New posts doesn't go back in time far enough for an older post that isn't considered new.
  7. another ? why are the numbers we type into the threads so different in font size and position ?
  8. OK, I got the locations displayed and there is NOW a "Recent Posts" tab on the top navigation bar just before the "New Posts" tab. Post are sorted by time and date, btw.

    That was a real treat locating that and editing the PHP but it was a great learning experience that I hope I'll retain. :D

    The numbers thing I believe is just the font itself. Nothing unusual in the settings.
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