New family member 12 guage and 440Rds for Mosie

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by MikeH121, November 4, 2013.

  1. MikeH121


    Well I was passing a gun store that had been vacant. Now it's not, new guy new contact to make. He has been open only three months. Just getting his inventory started.

    I got a Stevens 12 guage pump for 199.00. Brand new in the box. Paperwork took about 2 minutes.

    So now I have added a pump not a Mossie, or a Remmie but it works, built well actually 5+1 unless I take out the plug.:D

    Has a pistol grip, the stock reminds me of my M16 in the Army, need to get an adustable, but for the money I can splurge on some extras.

    Pics to follow.

    Oh yeah and my 440 rds 7.62x54R for my Mosin just shipped should have that Thursday.:D

    1 spam can of surplus ammo, that has been hard to find SGAMMO had 70 cans friday 6 left today.
  2. OGCJason


    Where's the store?
  3. MikeH121


    125 Between Amelia Ohio and Bethel. Clermont County.

    American Outpost and Armory.
  4. diesel


    I believe Mike, that a stevens is a much better firearm than a Mossberg ever was.
    The last Mossberg I owned, I bought new in the box, never fired, two barrel set for $175.00 off of a fellow I worked with. The thumb safety would jam about every 3rd or 4th shot, could not get it off. That's not good as I always hunt with the safety ON pushing it off and firing in one motion. (the way I was taught)
    Second, every time I fired a hi-powered shell or a slug, I couldn't get the empty out of the chamber. The extractors would slid right over the rim. I would find a proper stick to shove down the barrel to push it out.
    Long story shortened, it cost me $70 to have the safety cleaned up and the bore machined out a little. Needless to say, that's the last time I will spend any $ on a Mossberg.

    Just sold a savage/stevens mod. 314, 16 gauge side by side, 50 some years old and never a problem.:thumbs: :flag::flag:

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