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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by diesel, March 8, 2012.

  1. diesel


    Joined a new outdoorsmans club last night. It has a 200 yard plus rifle range and an indoor pistol range.
    There is a different type of shoot every night, anywhere from pistol competitions to trap and turkey shoots. Can't wait to check out the pistol range!
    Very expensive though in my opinion, $200 the first years plus one must work 20 hours or pay $10 an hour for those hours not worked. Also a $365 land aquisition fee to be paid only one time on top of the $200. My son joined also so we should have a lot of fun as we are both revolver fanatics. View attachment 163
    Can't wait to shoot this bad boy as i've not fired it yet!
  2. WOW that is expensive Diesel. I though $75 a year was bad.

    Sounds like a nice club from what you've described. Let us know how the new revolver is. :)
  3. :timeout: How much? And to think I was complaining that my range raised the membership to $90.00 for 1st year then $75.00 a year after that (as long as you don't let your membership lapse). We have 3 trap houses, a 300 yard rifle range, a 200 yard rifle range with target hangers at 50-100-150 & 200 yards, a 25 yard pistol range, a 50 yard pistol range and a plinking range. The 200 yd. rifle range shooting station is covered and the 2 pistol ranges have enclosed heated shooting shacks with windows to fire out of as well as covered shooting stations attached to the sides of the shacks.
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  4. diesel


    That sounds great, One Shot, Wolf.
    This club is 5 minutes from my house and i've avoided joining it for years because of the price. My old club was $50 a year with no hours but it has been overtaken by ATV riders and drinkers. I've no problem with drinking(i drink myself) but theres something very unsettling with drunks at the range. Booze and guns DO NOT mix.
    The $365 for land aquisition is due to their loss of a 100 years lease that expired on their surrounding property. One also can make payments on it but i just paid it up front.
    In my old age, i'm just glad to have somewhere to shoot safely without some one calling the law, and running me out.
  5. Sorry, I hope I didn't sound like I was berating you. I sometimes forget that one's location often determines their ability to access certain privileges. I'm glad you have a close range where you can participate in the shooting sports we all have come to enjoy.
  6. I will second what Just One Shot said. I have to drive 45 minutes to shoot if I ever get the chance to do so. I would pay what you have if it was 5 minutes away as well. :)
  7. diesel


    I never took it that way, brother. No need to apologize!
  8. Must be the time of the year (or our lives) to join a local gun club.

    I just signed up at one that's reasonably near me and it's $400 a year. January to January.

    Full access at any time of the day or night with a very good stadium lighting system should you want to shoot all night long.

    A very good trap/skeet clays area with high and low houses, 2 good rifle ranges, 6 pistol/shotgun range/bays and some other things I haven't figured out yet.

    I got a key to the gate so now I can just drop in any time of the day or night and start beating up on those plate arrays and a lot of the steel targets that I see all over the place.

    Kind of a free range, range!

    I like to shoot so the cost doesn't bother me as the wife probably spends that much each month on bingo!!

  9. Access is one of the disadvantages of my range, it's only open from dawn to dusk because of the neighbors. During the winter the range is closed before I get home from work. Because Sunday is the LORD's day that leaves Saturday as the only day I can get in my fun time.
  10. diesel


    This one works that way as well, AD. Have my own key and 24/7 access. Just don't care for the 20 work hours because i blew out my back in 03. They claim to have light work for me though (sell tickets to different shoots, bar tend, etc.) so i think i'll be ok.
  11. DEFCON1


    I wish I could find a decent club in my area of the woods. We have two ranges in Vandalia that are good enough, but 24 hour access would rock. There is a good club north of here but I've never gotten around to figuring out what's involved with joining. Maybe I should.
  12. My current range appears to have the same problem. Nobody knows who to contact to join!!

    I get about one email a week from guys who read some of my Florida based forum messages and see that I'm a member and they ask ME for who to contact!

    As the range membership is either full up now or close to it, I think they wind up on a waiting list as we're restricted to 100 members at my club.


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