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    Mr. Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher under assault from the Bureau of Land Management, will be on Fox News on the Hannity Show tonight, to tell his side of the story. Should be very interesting to hear what Mr. Bundy has to say. Especially about the national militia scenario unfolding as we speak.

    One must do what one can to stop tyranny in it's tracks, where ever and when ever it rears it's ugly head!!! :thumbs: :flag:

    UPDATE; 509 AM EST
    I think somehow I knew that Obama or one of his cronies were at the heart of this assault on our constitutional rights; enter dirty Harry Reid.
    Infowars has found out that Harry Reid and his son have inked a deal with the Chinese Govt. to build a $5 billion solar farm on Bundis land. Un- f**king real!!!! No wonder these folks are ready to die over this bullshit. Just like I've been saying, if we don't stand up and fight these obamaniestas now, soon it will be to late. I sincerely hope, this is the beginning of the end for these elitist bastards. Remember, these are the same assholes that want to take our guns. That is another reason why we need to fight, if they get our guns, these kind of abuses will continue unchallenged.

    Please excuse the rant and my language, but I've seen this coming for a long time. God bless these Nevadans for having the balls to stand up to the usurpers, I hope more Patriots join them.
    If I were a younger man, i'd be there yesterday!:flag: :flag: :flag:

    You can see for yourself here;
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  2. Alex Jones is (as usual) over exaggerating things quite a bit. This legal battle between Bundy and the BLM have been going at it for 20 years about his cattle grazing in the state park (which his family has used for a century or so, long before the government staked it's claim on the land, though the Bundy's never owned it either). They are acting against Bundy for not paying his fines (as he believes the fines are bull shit), and to protect an endangered species of turtle located within the national park. China has no stake in this. If China wanted to start collecting payment on the debt we owe them they would be taking corporations, not wilderness. Think about it.

    I don't particularly care one way or the other weather his cattle graze there and stamp out those damn turtles or are forced off of the public park area. But the way the BLM (and by extension the federal government) is handling this is outright thuggish and wrong. It's nice to see some locals FINALLY take a stand to the injustice the government is committing to this rancher and his family.
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    Still think China has no stake in this?
    Check this out;
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    What is sad about all this is Harry Reid will get elected again in 2016. The people of his state like to be lead like sheep. The whole country is going down this path.:banghead:
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  5. I can see where Reid could have a stake in this, with his green energy projects in the surrounding area he may very well be looking to expand. What I can't see is any Chinese biting at the apple. Unless Reid is funded by the Chinese or vice versa, but I see no reason for Reid's possible Chinese business associates to be particularly interested in this hotly contested chunk of land.
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    Don't know what to say, Thrash, I've read and heard it too many times.
    Anyway, as long as Harry Reid has his hands in it, I believe the ranchers are getting a raw deal. The man is the epitome of corrupt politics.:flag:
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    I see what ya mean, bro, Yee is right up there with the best of'm. These criminals, Yee and Reid, and their ilk need to go. These self enriching politicos are ruining the country (if it's not already ruined beyond repair) and be replaced with the avg. "Joe bag o doughnuts" to get our Reps. and Senators back in line.:flag:
  8. You're not kidding! These college boys gone career politicians are so far removed from the needs & desires of their constituents and the constitution that I can't help but think we'd be better off pulling these guys out into the real world and putting blue collar workers and veterans in their seats. You know, the people who really make or break this country. I'm not going to say this would fix everything. Hell, there are certain areas our government deals in that many (at least of my generation) wouldn't be able to grasp fundamental concepts of! However, I would hope at least we'd finally see some real common sense laws put into place and some of the more ludicrous ones struck from the books!

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