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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Explorer1, September 7, 2012.

  1. Explorer1


    An ex-worker called me last night....a friend of his brother committed suicide.

    In the Cleveland area, following the suicide law-enforcement confiscated 11 firearms not related the to the suicide and are refusing to release them to the widow.
    When asked under what laws this was being done, the would not answer other than "you need to get a lawyer". How can this be?

    The lady is in a time of need and simply wants to wrap up the mess and move back to her home state now that she has no reason to be in OH.

    Can you supply me with some information and/or resources which I can pass on to help in this mess? All assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!

    I am new to this side of the nation, having just moved from WA to KY for employment reasons.
  2. I am so sorry about all of this. Only thing I can think of is that they are holding them pending investigation of the death or for other reason unknown to us. This honestly is not a lot of information to go by right now not knowing the reasons why.

    Again I am so sorry for the loss. I do wish her the very best in her time of mourning and hope she can get some closure on this.

    Please check back as there may be some more information here tomorrow or slightly later.
  3. rjrivero


    You need a lawyer. Cleveland SUCKS. They don't respect property owners, nor gun rights. You're in for a headache if you want to get these guns back.
  4. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    A lawyer may well be needed. Not all police forces like to return property especially guns. They are of course ( sure they are ) destroyed.
  5. RT48


    Altough the guns were not confiscated during a stop, perhaps this might still apply:

    Lawriter - ORC - 2923.163 Surrender of firearm to law enforcement officer.
  6. cableguy



    Amen. that place needs burned to the ground.
  7. diesel


    If you or your friend is an NRA member, i would contact them. I'm sure they would be happy to give you pertinent information and if a member, perhaps free legal advice.:flag:
  8. Sarah


    in my opinion you need to discuss this and take help from the best lawyer in your town.

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