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  1. Hey all, I need a little help in naming a new pup. I would like to use firearms related names, so if you have something good help me out. It's a DDR German shepherd dog that I'm getting Friday.
    Thanks for your ideas

  2. "Heckler" as in Heckler & Koch.

    "Krupp" (think giant rail gun builder)

    "Dora" (think giant rail gun name!)

    "Kurz" as in 9mm Kurz.

    "800" as in 800mm rail gun shell size.

    AD (the big German rail guns still fascinate me to no end)
  3. PrepperTraining


  4. Remington to state the obvious.

    Mossy after Mossberg


    Kimber if is a girl
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys
  6. So did you decide on a name?
  7. diesel


    Don't know if you are into scatter guns but i like the name "Buckshot" buck for short.
  8. Went with "Wilson", thanks everybody
  9. I assume after Wilson Combat?? Please post some pictures when you get the chance. I always love puppy pics. ;)
  10. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    When I was a kid a guy in the neighbor had a Target and a Primer lol.
  11. Now those are unique dog names. :rofl:
  12. diesel


    just a quick shot of my pup:peace:

    View attachment 240

    AKC registered chocolate lab named Tracker
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  13. This is Wilson, and yes short for Wilson Combat. The pup is 8 weeks and gonna be big for a shepherd.Mobile Photobucket
  14. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    Beautiful Dog. I had a wonder Lab named Pepper until just a few years ago. Can't say enough about Labs they are great dogs.
  15. diesel


    Wow Chris. That dog is beautiful. I have an old chocolate lab as well and she has sugar and is blind, just don't have the heart to put the old girl down, too many good hunting memories with her.
    When she does pass, i want a shep JUST LIKE YOURS! Make him mean:evil: and let him guard the house....LOL. Good luck with him bro, hope he turns out great.:flag:
  16. Thanks diesel, he is maybe too smart for me. I like dumb dogs :p
    I got lucky picking him and think he will protect everything he should pretty well.

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