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My Rights ???

October 15, 2020
SOS I need HELP in understanding my rights. I have a special case I need help with. I am living in Peebles OH with my ol’lady and my 5 year old boy. I am 26 years old and have been a “Gun Nut” since I was a boy. I currently own a G-19 Glock and a 20 gauge maverick by mossberg shotgun. Nothin to special.
I recently fulfilled a dream and got my hands on Radical arms 6.5 Grendel. It’s my FIRST AR and it’s chambered in the caliber I’ve always wanted. I just got finished with the build making it exactly the way I wanted with adjustable cheek and butt stock, 20 round mag, laser/strobe combo, vortex scope and side mounted flip up irons. My pride and joy.
Unfortunately I messed up with the law and got pulled over driving home on the 4th and got charged with DUI. I spent 5 days in jail and got put on probation.
A few days ago someone ratted me out to probation saying I had firearms in my house. My house got raided and they seized my AR along with all of my ammo, survival knifes, pocket knifes even my sons first pocket knife I got him for his birthday. Needless to say I was irate.
I understand they are just doing their job and I knew I wasn’t allowed to be around firearms bc of my probation. My problem is they told me I wasn’t going to get it back when my probation is over in four months. I did take a precaution and transferred ownership of my firearms to my ol’ lady. They are trying to tell me that it doesn’t matter who’s name it’s in they seized it so it belongs to them and I’ll never get it back.
I’m trying to remain mature about the situation but they are acting unreasonable. I am planning on getting a lawyer involved if they do decide not to return it to me. I’ve never been in trouble with the law before. I’ve only been charged with a misdemeanor and I fully believe I have a right to get it back. They are treating me like a violent criminal and its BS for lack of a better phrase. Apologies for the long story just wanted to fully explain the situation.
I’m looking for any information that can help me with enforcing my 2nd Amendment Rights. Thanks for reading and thanks for your time.


October 27, 2020
You really need a lawyer to move forward with this. Even just a consult will let you know what options you have.