My newest toy in 300 AAC Blackout

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by whitewolf68, May 21, 2014.

  1. Here she is in all her glory. I cannot wait to fire this gem. :)

  2. MikeH121


    Me Like..did you see my new B-Day present to meself?

    A 350 dollar CZ 75 P07 in 40 S&W. The orig owner fired 2 mags and was put off by the 40. :cry:

    Now A guy at work who picked up an XDS 45 wants to give me a box o shells and the XDS so I can shoot it when I goto the range 9/10 June. I said I didn't want to break in HIS gun. He says he has not had the time to do so.

    But if I do I will probably want one, so I is in a dilemma.
  3. Very nice! I'd like to get one eventually.
  4. I do not recall seeing your present I am sorry, but I might have and just don't remember.

    WOW! The CZ series pistols are AWESOME! I have a TZ 75 in 9mm that is an Italian version. You are always getting lucky buddy!

    I seriously have been thinking about a XDS 45 for my daily carry but money being the issue that it is holds me back, well that and the $7000 roof and the $1200 washer and dryer I had to purchase lately.

    Yeah if you shoot that XDS you will appreciate it's design and function. They are awesome guns for the money. I have to XD's one in 40 and 9mm. Still great guns despite being first gens.

  5. Thank you Thrash. It has been an expensive venture but a fruitful one obviously. My addiction is getting worse though as I already have the itch for another build. LMAO
  6. MikeH121


    Still likes my XD40. 5500 rounds later and still going strong. I put up a few pics like these:



    Still amazes me I have gone to the range and let someone shoot my XD they cringe at the 40. I know it is a high pressure round. After 200 rds at a time My hand throbs with each heartbeat. It is not pain but a gentle tingle. :D

    Don't get that with a 9 or even a 45. Maybe the 10. But then again the same place I picked up the CZ he has a Ruger Redhawk in .480 big frame, big bore wheelie. 3 shots fired 1 dead bear in Alaska. They owner moved here does not need the hand howitzer anymore. Price. 750.00 His used even slightly used Pistols are priced great. His rifles may not be. He has 3 Garands in the 1200 range. All have seen action.

    He just got 50 GI mags black with the desert brown non tilting followers from some guy who just came back from Afghan. Forgot to ask him the price.
  7. diesel


    Great LOOK'N rifle, Wolf. And in 300 Blackout. From everything I hear, your going to love it. Couldn't happen for a nicer guy!
    I got rid of my AR last fall as I bought the M1A, in my old age I'm seeming to go for bigger cals. Maybe it's cause I AM GETTING OLD and subconsciously feel like "bigger is better?" Two .45LC's one Smith .44 and then the M-14 without even realizing what I was
    Congrats on the 300, my friend:clap: :flag::flag:.
  8. Nice looking CZ. My TZ is old enough it was before the rails were being put on them. LOL

    Yeah my XD takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. I too like the 40 caliber round it does pack a punch for sure and that tingle is just to let you know that you've just fired a quality round down range.

    Diesel might be interested in that Ruger Redhawk pistol. I know he is a wheel man. I would love to have a Garand rifle but I have yet to find a quality one at a good price for me but I still look and dream about it, perhaps someday.

    I am slowly building my mag collection here too up to about 25 or around there for the AR's. I am always looking, meh, itching to buy more. :D
  9. Thank you Diesel for the kind words sir. I've been saving a few pennies here and there buying parts when I can but lately that urge got too strong and I just had to finish her off. :)

    Yeah I am still working on some of the military rifles yet and the M1A is one on my bucket list. You may be getting older but that is only a state of mind. I was always taught go big or gone home and sometimes it is go home empty handed. My dad loves if SA 45 LC revolvers. I am not so much in the large caliber weapons, right now, but I am sure I will be soon enough as most everybody's tastes do from time to time.

    I still love shooting the wheel guns though. My favorite is my Taurus 7 round 357 mag. Fun to watch people reactions when they hear 7 rounds go down range from a wheel gun. LOL
  10. daniellawecki


    Nice gun Wolf I know just the gun range to break it in. The invite to the club still stands.:clap:
  11. MikeH121


    The guy has a bunch of wheelies. He has a tank periscope in desert 110.00 nice addition to the home bunker.

    He has 3 M1's for 1200 they are good to + condition. He has a SS M1 Carbine. His prices are more reasonable than most gun stores. He Sells more surplus and historical stuff. But is an FFL. He has a NOT FOR SALE OR PICTURES Nazi skull. Tons of WW11 knives and surplus. Even has some 30.06 Armor Piercing rds.

    Nice shop in Old Milford Oh 45150
  12. diesel


    Cool. I always wanted an M1 but just found never one when I had the money. Someday I will own one, Mike,......I hope.
    I do, however, own an original M1 Carbine that my father-in-law carried during WW2 in the Pacific theater. He was on a ship (navy man) most of the war so it's still in pretty good shape. It was made, I believe, by National Postal Meter. I got several clips with it and if you look close, you can see a couple still wrapped in wax cosmo paper. There is also original ammo that I will never fire.:D:flag:

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  13. MikeH121


    He always has a few Garands. Some Jap rifles, he has an Enfield I think around 800.00 As I said his wheelies are at good prices. Better than I have found on used anywhere else. The M1's he had were a 2 Springfields, and an H&R.

    He has Ruger 9's a few Smith 9's and even a Glock here and there. He has boxes of ammo. And orig clips for all types. Took about 5 minutes all together from paperwork to phone call to okay on sale. :thumbs:

    Although he did get dyslexic on my B date and made me 20 years older I am not 70.
  14. Daniel, I promise you Sir I have not forgotten. I will be taking you up on that invitation here soon. Just need to get some things in order to do so. Will contact you this this spring or summer for that trip. :)
  15. Now your teasing me Mike. I love WWII stuff, some of the greatest people of our time fought in that war. I love seeing history up close and personal.
  16. That Diesel is probably the best thing I could ever wish for in a firearm. Something like that, that my father/grand father carried during war time would be a God send to me. I know it will never be either for me as my father, well he is an asshole and not a father. My grandfather thankfully never did have to serve but I am still very proud of him for what he did accomplish for our family. That's another story for another time.

    Cherish that rifle in all it's glory and hang on to that ammunition as well. The memories are priceless.

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