My little ABC Poem

September 5, 2012
Yes it is about GUNS. I heard the beginings of a commercial with the Alphabet rhyme song.

Ended up doing this.

A is for Armalite, which started the AR fun.

B is for Browning The God of the Gun.

C is for Cartridge, and size starts a fight.

D is for Double Barrel, which spreads about right.

E is for Extractor, which clears the way.

F is for Follower, the weapons food tray.

G is for Gunpowder, and all it has done.

H is for Hammer, which Glocks don't have one.

I is for Iron Sights, a backup you need.

J is for Jacket, so that auto's will feed.

K is for Kalishnikov, his AK's just run.

L is for Lever Action, the best Cowboy gun.

M is for Muzzle Brake, which helps in control.

N is for Noveske, may GOD rest his soul.

O is for Off-Hand, which is always faster.

P is for Peep-sight, to get through an optic disaster.

Q is for Quad-Rails, the weapon velcro .

R is for Receiver where the important parts go.

S is for Select-fire, safe, semi and full.

T is for Trigger, it's the thing that you pull.

U is for Uberti, making old things new.

V is for Vortex, for sights on your long gun.

W is for Winchester, How the West was Won.

X is for X-Bolt, Browning's design.

Y is for Yankee Hill, YHM shoots just fine.

Z is for Zombie, way too many companies offer Zombie this and that.
Besides there was not another letter to rhyme with anyway.

Mike Heritage.