My Glock Trilogy

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by ADulay, July 10, 2012.

  1. All,

    Well, it finally came to be.

    My quest to "standardize" my guns across all platforms became a reality yesterday when I traded in my H&K and a Ruger to pick up a new Glock 23.

    I really didn't need a .40S&W gun, but I had a whole lot of ammo in that caliber so I figured I may as well get a gun to go with it.

    I now am set with all three major calibers in what amounts to a single platform (Glock) which makes carrying so much easier and consistent.


    Glock 23 in .40
    Glock 30 in .45
    Glock 34 in 9mm
  2. OK,

    Just got a chance to run down to the range and put the first 10 rounds through the new gun.

    Grabbed an old target out of the range garbage, found some clean spots on it and let loose!

    The first six shots are in the yellow box at the bottom with the center of the box being the point of aim.

    Felt so good that I figured I'd try the last four "to the head".

    Those four shots are boxed in yellow too!

    Not bad for a stone stock gun, right out of the box with "white box" ammo at 20 yards!!

    I did notice that this gun did NOT shoot low left like the other two did when I first got them. Maybe I'm getting the hang of this shooting thing now!!

    I'm looking forward to shooting this one more and may even put it into the daily carry rotation next month.


  3. cableguy


    Cool...I'm sorta looking for a used g23. I don't like the gen 4 so hopefully will get a gen 3 at some point. I like my Glock 27.
  4. Not bad but we really have to get a nice 1911 in your hands. ;)
  5. rjrivero


    I'm also partial to the Glock. Simple, no frills. I carry a Glock 23. I play with a Glock 35 and have a threaded conversion barrel so I can shoot 9mm through suppressors on it. I also have a Glock 22 (Stamped Detroit Police Department for sentimental reasons) and a new in the box Glock 21 SF with a threaded barrel for my Osprey .45 Suppressor.

    They aren't much to look at. They just go bang every time!
  6. I agree! And your missing the glock 20 for some real fun.
  7. You and your Glocks AD. LOL

    I am glad you've completed your quest. Personally I am a Springfield fanboy but I am LOVING my Kimber Ultra II. I cannot find one thing I dislike about it.

    I am still working on finding a job right now but as soon as I do I promise you I will be adding a Glock to my weapons collection in your honor. Will probably be the Glock 30 though as I love my .45 ACP.

  8. Andy,

    I keep looking at the 1911 platforms and they do look good but I just can't see me carrying one on a daily basis at this time when the Glock 30 brings the .45acp cartridge with it and in a nice round number of bullets, as in 10!!

    With that said, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before one shows up here.

    I just wish a had a valid reason to get one!!

  9. I know how you feel about your Glocks. I guess I am just so used to carrying my compact 1911 I don't even think twice about it. I would not mind having a Glock 30 myself. I just love my 1911's though.

    I am trying to think of a good reason for you to get one now. :banghead:
  10. cableguy


    Why do you need a reason to own a 1911:).

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