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Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by ADulay, March 5, 2013.

  1. All,

    As we all know, when you fire off an email to any of the electorate, you always get a canned email back stating they have received your email and will immediately delete it when they get back to the office, or something similar.

    Well, I got the semi-annual "survey" from my congressman it asked the usual marshmallow questions like "Do you think taxes are too high?"

    Should the US balance the budget?

    Should we become energy independent?

    And other annoyingly stupid questions that are just pablum for the masses.

    Well, I had a an hour to kill and acually typed out a very serious letter bascially questioning the validity of the stupid questions and why would anyone waste my time with those questions and why not ask things like "Are you ever going to impeach Eric Holder? Does anyone even think that "gun control" will solve any kind of real crime problem?

    And I went on and on for two full pages, asking some pretty hard hitting questions deeper into the letter, and of course the issue of the recent flurry of "gun control" laws and all of the various "bans" that solve nothing except making the majority of the tax base become instant criminals by legislative fiat.

    Here's the reply I got.

    Maybe he's still feeling guilty about hitting my house with a golf ball off the 5th tee at a golf outing we had for the Republican party a year or so back. Who knows! It's the first letter from ANYBODY that I've received that actually answers my questions and is not too much of a standard boiler plate, say nothing reply!


  2. diesel


    You're the only person I know (sort of) that ACTUALLY got a letter like that. Keep up the good work, A.D.:flag:
  3. WOW, that is a really nice response to your letter. OF course I received the canned e-mail from the offices I have e-mailed but I am still hopeful that I too will receive a nice letter some day. :rofl:

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