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My 20 yr old Niece and her first gun


September 5, 2012
So my sister called and wanted to know if I wanted some Tomaters. She was gonna bring them by. Then she called and said Julia my 20 yr old Niece was gonna. She moved into and apt and is about 4 miles from me.

So Thursday night she came by. She had spent the day with my bro-in-law, her stepdad, at Readyline in Newtown shooting for the first time.

When she moved into the new place a month ago she would be getting home after 3 am, she told her mom, (my sis) that she wanted to get a CCW like her dad. Not that she lives in a bad part o town.

A few days after she got settled, an envelope was left by her door, it was kind of a stalker type of letter, saying she should be this ass's girlfriend. Management took it seriously. The guy's name is on the lease but his cousin lives there. They are form Nigeria. Management is gonna do a cease and desist or move out and see what that does.

She turns 21 in December. I need to take her to the range. She already pawed all my guns in the house thursday night. She liked the size of the PA63. She didn't like shooting my Bro-in-law's LCP, I didn't either.

My thought, is he will buy her a pistol, she will take the class, between us we can teach her before hand, But I'm thinking the new S&W M&P Bodyguard 380. She shot a 22 rifle pistol my bros 357 with 38SP loads, and some guy next to them offered them to shoot his 9mm she didn't know what it was.

Pretty girls, get to shoot others guns, ;) When I went to Miami Valley Gun Club outdoor range, there was a couple shooting and I let her shoot my XD40. :D

Just seeing if anyone has a different suggestion. The M&P 380 is new for 2014, pretty much the same as the old bodyguard, but no laser and you get 2 mags, for under 400 bucks.

I gave her the 4 rules of gun safety, Always loaded, muzzle awareness, trigger contol, and be aware whats beyond your target. Her Bday is close to Christmas, so she is looking at Jan before she would be able to get into a class.


March 5, 2012
Mike ... It sounds like you have a plan in place getting her ready for her class (I hope that the dirt bag neighbor issue is resolved quickly :mad:). Another pistol to consider might be the M&P 9c. My wife selected it after evaluating compact offerings from Ruger, CZ, Springfield, Sig, Beretta, Khar and several others. She has small hands and found the 9c to be very comfortable to handle and shoot with minimal felt recoil and a decent trigger (very accurate as well). Just a thought :)


December 11, 2012
Mike I will hold your niece in my prayers until she can arm herself. Your plan sounds great, just because she can't own a gun at 20 doesn't mean she can't shoot and learn ahead of time. I wish good things for your endeavor, she seems eager and willing traits that will promote excellent learning environment.