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  1. diesel


    Anyone other than me going after deer this morning?

    It's about 10 til 4 and i'm on my first cup o coffee. Loading up the front stuffer and charging the Contuor camera. Hopefully I can get some video of a nice plump doe fix'n to take a dirt
    Two 50 grain pellets and a 295 grain hollow point will more than do the job if I can get one in my sights.

    Good luck to any others who may be going this morning, and for gods sake, BE CAREFUL.:D:flag:
  2. MikeH121


    Nah... nope... Diesel you are the only one going hunting. You will be all alone 'cept the O zombies wandering

    around, looking for thier free stuff. And the anti gunners, the anti hunters, the anti meat eaters, the anti enviro

    wackos who don't want no black powder smoke causing global warming, and all the other lefty boogie men who

    haunt the woods. :rofl:

    Got my coffee, just PERCOLATED :D the next pot. Because yes the coffee shooting up into the glass top and that

    sound is Awsome. Faster than the new fangled coffee machines, all stainless so no plastic after taste. Life is good.

    And I got a guy at work that hunts his sisters land. He also gets other deer meat from buds, so I always end up with

    a lot of venison. If I hunted deer I would not have any place to put the meat.

    Good luck and watch your six. They are out there. :shocker:
  3. diesel


    Thanks, Mike, i'm glad you get some meat bro, cause I didn't see any yesterday. I would have mailed you Maybe i'll see one this morning.

    Nothing like percolated coffee.....been years since I had it.

    I hope not to see any zombies, but I am carrying the .45 cause a friend, bout a mile east in Pa. tells me there is a BIG cat haunting his part of our big, abandoned, limestone quarry. Supposedly killed and ate 3 dogs in the last couple of months. My friends young nephew (30's) seen it and claims its a mountain lion. Hard to believe, but the .45 and two spare loaded clips gives me a feeling of security if it is true. Got to my blind at 6:30 yesterday morning to find the entire back side of it shreaded to pieces. Give'n me an uneasy feeling, ya Know? Probably coons but still that feeling.:timeout::flag:

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